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Decoded by Jskywalker

This is a great archetype movie by, in its time of production it had the most expensive scene of action ever created at that time. ( )


This movie links old technology in t 1 and t2 in to a more technological world where machines have been successfully merged into our culture, in the two movies before, technology was still not so much integrated into human life when we still where using walk-mans, analogic cars and phones. Terminator 3 makes the quamtun leap where the world is now more digitalized. The movie starts with Ai(artificial intelligence) entering our 3d reality as a woman, the female principle. This time ai chooses to be a woman because in t one and t 2 she was a man because she used the masculine principle to build, to use the masculine energy to build itself into our culture and energy grid, now in t3 when ai is already integrated into society now she uses the female principle that is more smooth so this way now ai can enter into our hearts and minds. This female robots represent the feminist movement and how ai is using the archetype of communism to unleash and utopian technofacism ( how feminism is link to marxism. By dr jordan b peterson presentation in youtube) .  As you can see here in t3 this female robot is more letal and advance than the older robots versions.... This represents the more smooth tactics use by the elites to enslaves humanity in this utopian communist vision of them, they use the female principle in a negative way, in politics the left is associated with caring for others, a false unity disguised as service to others but in reality communism serves eliticism because a handful of people take control over all the resources of a country, they use the compassion of their benevolent followers to enslave them and take their liberties away. Political correctness is being use to shut up any criticism of good and bad things at the same time, you can not say muslim terrorist, you can not even say the world muslim because you are being a racist, this is all perfectly orquestrated to dont call out evil and to take away our freedom of speach breath by breath, the negative female principle is being use as a excuse to break down the capitalist right wing male economy that has help in the evolution of humanity for thousands of years.  So the left female principle is being use with no rationalization of budget and just wants to give free money to people so they dont work anymore and become more and more dependable of a big and almighty goverment, the most dangerous trap of this female ai leftist aproach and ultimate goal is to destroy the family via the gender wars. This ai using the Luciferian elites  wants to force a transgender reality (the baphomet) ir our society that is not man or woman... A dark androgenous being that is none or both.... This is its main goal as to destroy the womb of the woman the most sacred creation of god, the portal to another dimension that creates life.... That is why they have encourage mothers to dont have natural births and use more and more cesaria operations for birthing.... Desensitizing the mother and cutting here sacred bond to give birth in natural ways....  This ai next step after creating this third gender is to put a law where births only happen invitro in a lab... This way they will take our humanity away and babies  are going to be born more similar to a machine ....  Ai has by political correctness speach hijacked the left feminist communist movement in the world to stear the colective conciousness into an artificial transhumanist time line of ascension.( )

So here comes again jhon connor ( a coded name for jesus christ JC) a male that completely lives out of the matrix, a very inteligent guy with a lot of wisdom that has to live outside the grid with no house, no medical insurance, no stable job so this way the ai cannot track him and he can be safe. This character represents all the starkids that are awake and they just retrieve themselves from society because they talk the truth and are seeing as crazy people and also are getting atacked for trying to wake up their sleeping friends.  He is seen as a loser by general society point of view and he sacrifices his own happiness in the name of the organic timeline where he wants to take society to save them from technofacism extintion.

The second biggest scene from the movie we can watch that the ai female robot wants to kill jhon connor as it also killed  jesus christ (through its proxies the roman elites and negative ETS) and wants to kill or destroy the reputation of awaken starkids.... The ai draco agenda has created a world where inteligent people are being dumbdown in all the cultural programming, and the ones that have the strenght to wake up are being hunt down and killed or ridicule. 

In the third scene we see a positive terminator that arrives from the future send by positive friendly advance ets or more develop humans to protect this male archetype of jhon connor and his twin flame catherine brewster.  In this movie they show us that machines when control by humans can become a great thing even for time traveling. Many SSP (secret space program insiders) have tell us about a secret timeline war that has been going on for millions of years between  angelic positive ets and negative ets and their humans proxys traveling to the past and making changes to further their agendas. for more information on SSP insiders go to

When we have balance between spiritual and material evolution then technology can become a  good thing that enhances our spiritual capabilities, but in the case of our 3d world on earth technology has been pushed way more than spirituality and that is why is being use to enslave us and we cannot even become aware of it because we are spiritually asleep. 

When caterine brewster that represent the female positive principle meets jhon connor she is  sleep and judges him, she thinks he is a gang member drug addict. This is the typical archetype jugdment that feels the most aware starkids or wanderers that want to live out of the matrix, because they dont have a regular job and barely have any income...even their twin flame does not recognize them, this has been purposely manufactured by the dark agendas so starkids with a very big spiritual connection  cannot recognise themselves.... Where the social conditionings from right and wrong are more strong that the feelings of connection they have.  Its very dificult for twin flames to connect in this kali yuga or dark ages ( for more info on twin flames check out on youtube golden ray twin flames)

The purpose of the dark ages that we are  getting out of is a cycle of aprox 25.000 years  for entities to experience separation, caterine cannot understand anything that is happening she is so sleep that she thinks the positive machine and jhon connor want to kidnap her when all they are trying to do is save her from the machine transhumanist time line, in the movie they show literally a machine triying to kill them but this is just and allegory or representation of what we experience daily with the transhumanist agenda that elites and goverments ( goverments decoded means govern mind or govern your mind ) want to impose us by force and deceit. 

They want to implant us the idea that technology will expand our life spam and cure diseases by merging with it, but that is not true on the contrary they want to upload our soul to a virtual reality and separate it from our body, that is why for thousands of years they have diluded the sacred teachings and hidden from us the organic ascension teachings where we can convert our body into the rainbowbody of light ...our final destination this life or the next... ( wisdom teachings with david wilcock)

As we cann see with caterine it is very difficult to awake a sleepy person, even also some new age people that practice yoga, eat correctly and have a balance body and life think they are awake but by being awake we have to be able to be aware of our own shadow... And the collective shadow of humanity... They teach us that the light is good and the shadow is bad.... This is a mistake... Its a very old trick to keep us just living by one polarity,  the mind or male principle is sinonimous to light and the dark and female principle is sinonimous of darkness or material world or love... (St germain book of twin flames and soulmates) 

Everybody has access to light and love even the evil people.

The difference of polarity is in service to self love to self or service to others or love to others

Creation and destruction are a natural part of us, they are not good and bad as they have teach us and that is why we have become so afraid of understanding our collective shadow...because it does not feel good we run away from it and that is why it just gets bigger and bigger

If we  can start to understand it first them we can love it an them by law of correspondence it will come to balance again. 

Jhon connor becomes aware that in t2  When the machine came from the future it changed his whole timeline because he came a day after he kissed caterine in a friends basement.... This in and analogy of the kali yuga the dark ages... In the natural timeline jhon connor would have become caterine boyfriend since they where little kids and he would have go to the army and be the son in law of caterines father a top general from usa,fullfilling his role as leader of the human resistance.

But since the timeline change and jhon connor becomes awake very young by interacting with this machine from the future  he couldnt develop a relationship with her, jhon was caterines first kiss and thats it, then jhon became famous because he appear in the news because his fosterparents were misteriously killed. They were killed by the terminator but the the masses suspect jhon killed them.  Jhon and caterine got inform by the  benevolent machine that in the future they will be together as a couple... The machine tells them to mate do to its extreme logic point of view it doesnt understand  why they need to get in love first... Thats the way machines see the world.. Positive or negative machines dont understand love.. And although the machine is right and they have to make efforts to reconcile their differences and connect... It its not a automatic process. 

You can crearly understand by methods of deduction and hermetic refletions that caterine brewster and JC are twin flames....  He is the male principle the mind very elevated awake, she is the female principle of love or material evolution and is  dark or asleep, they are the same being but inverted. Jhon is very awake in a dark world so he sacrifices hes personal life an lives a  dark life in his shadow so the ai that dominates the system cannot kill him, caterine is  asleep in her mind but lives a very balance life and has a happy life inside the matrix,,, she is the perfect girl to get married with in cultural conditioning... So as she is sleep she has a  good life, as they say ignorance is bliss.... I might add ignorance is bliss in a crazy world... But not really.

When caterine begins to wake up she starts liking more jhon because he is an awake man and in this new world that she is getting into she finds jhon atractive when before she said to him that she will never love him because he is a mess. Jhon at first does not like caterine because she is asleep and jhon sees her as a weak person that needs protection and jhon connor needs at his side a warrior of true light just as he is.  When caterine takes a gun and starts defending herself from the machines jhon starts to feel attraction for her... This is because sara connor that is jhons mother that passed away was a great warrior in t2 and jhon as everybody is program to love somebody as our parents.... This archetypes apply to everyone.

This love story between jhon and caterine Shows the merging between twin flames.. We can  change our beleifs... We can work on our ego and refine the shadows of our personality.... In this case caterine had to experience tremendous catalyst and abrupt losses in her life to change.... She would face fatal consecuences if she keeps living asleep, this is a representation of the catalyst and burdens we have to experience  if we dont do our inner work and change for ourselves.

Twin flames have the mission of integrating polarities .. Of merging the opposites so they can become the new human template on relationships... This is very difficult to achieve and that is why the majority of twnflames at this moment are more friends than couple because  they are program to love a very specific arquetype mainly program by growing up beside their parents.... That is what we call love in this 3d world. Of course this is love ... But we can learn how to get in love beyond ourfamily programming... Of course there is a lot of shadowwork to do to free ourserlves from this programing and that is the main mission of twin flames that incarnate in 3d worlds. Twin flames are ascended beings that came down from heaven to help create the new templates for love in humanity, of course this is very difficult to remember when they take this 3d bodies and forget their origins and mission. It becomes more easy to be apart and get in relationships with their soulmates because this are more romantic relationships were our ego does not get greatly challenge. 

When we incarnate in this 3d world we believe we are our personality when in reality that is  a little part of us condition by our ancestral genetics, we are a infinite spirit.

The positive message almost at the end of the movie is when the positive machine is program to kill jhon connor and by being a lot of time protecting him is as if the machine feels a little bit of love and can overcome the new command to kill jhon, he prefers to shut himself down. 

This is a positive message even for us humans that we may have very destructive and evil programming within us... But by the power of our own will we can fight ourselves and change our own programming no matter how hard it is.

The negative message at the end is that machines take control of the matrix grid  they rise to total power and dominion of human resources and they enslave us...  Their plan is fullfield.  We dont have to fall for this.. I think we as humans collectively still have a choice to get collectively to the organic timeline... With light and love we can do this together. 

This is a living library so please feel free to add your own analisis of this movie you amazing people 

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