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Decoded by Jskywalker

The matrix means the maya, the ilusion or the veil, is a word that comes from the sanskrit maya, where god or source created universes in order for source to experience itself through souls in a perceive ilusion of separation from the ALL THAT IS.

The wachowski directors create a dark image of source in this trilogy which is obiously very gnostic in nature, the directors point of view from source or god is a very resentful one, they present god as a masculine robotic emotionless robot or A.I. and that is not god. God is the glorious and ONE INFINITE CREATOR that includes everything, specially love and compasion, its main teaching is to be of service to others. ( go to l& if you want to hear from god from a sixth density race of beings)

Artificial intelligence is real and it has enslaved whole galaxys, taken organic humans and merge them with machines to create cyborg souless organisms, A.I or lucifer en religious terms wants to imitate god but in SERVICE TO SELF AND LOVE TO SELF, that means slaving and cheating everything it touches. For more detIled info on how A.i infiltrate worlds go to

This movie is an allegory, its hidden meaning is that our world is a CONTROL system that is already in place turn into a PRISON by hidden forces.

This movie also shows the key to get out of the prison society.

Movie one tells us WHAT is the matrix, movie two the WHY.? and movie three tells us the HOW.  that is why most of the people only like matrix one cause they just want to know what are things.... But as movie 2 and 3 go really deep into the WHY? And HOW ?  People reject it...  For a lot of us we dont really want to know how to change the system.

The 3 main characters are neo,trinity and morpheous, each of them represent different qualities from us,  neo is the will, the courage , the freedom and the actions, very masculine energy. Trinity is the spirit , the heart, compasion, love, is emotions a very feminine energy.

Morpheous is the thoughts , the mind, intelligence, knowledge, he is the TRUTH. The truth is always in danger in this system, thats why you see morpheous being capture by the agents.

This movie begins and ends in the same place, the hotel heart of the city,that is a way for the directors to show us that all journeys are in circles and this circles has different cycles.  The name if the hotel is not by chance HEART , this means the heart chakra is in menace by the system, they want to close our heart chakra and take us directly into a timeline of service to self and love to self, but we are waking up and with acts of love and compassion are regaining our power and freeing from the control babylonic black magic system that is in place today.

The movie starts with trinity in distress so this means the heart is in distress.
Where everything begins everythings ends... It seems like a paradox, but when we study the occult knowledge we begin to understand that everything goes in cycles of circles.

( the heroes journey)

We see tomas anderson a software guru sleeping in the first scene he appears, that means neo is asleep he is not awaken to the truth of the controlled system, that is why the first time morpheous contact him he says wake up neo... The matrix has you... Because until you understand what is really going on, you are feeding energy to the system constantly.
Neo lives in room 101 , the number 11 is very simbolic of the higher dimensions, it means to start all over again from one.. A new cycle but with a higher perspective that means double one a higher dimension of the old one.

When neo opens the door of his room he just show out one of his eyes, this pf course is the weird symbolism of the one eye the illuminati want to show evrywhere, as with all hollywood movies there is a mixture of positive messages mix with dark programming, thats how this guys do their black magic over our collective conciousness so use disserment everytime, there is not a totally positive movie in hollywood nor a totally negative.

For example we see in the next scene neo take out his pirat software from a book called simulacra and simulation, its a very gnostic book thats sees god as the demiurge and A.I ROBOTIC entity that wants to kill us. It says we are trap in a simulation world run by very advance machines.

For those of use with spiritual awakening we know this is not true, this is just the way and extremely intelligent but also resentfull person sees the world, although this book has a lot of wisdom on how it describes this A.i robotic behaviour and exposes some occult knowledge, it is wrong in explaining that the world is just a computer program run by a machine god, that is just not true, its a very clever distortion of the truth aim to steel energy from a lot of intelectuals of this world and make them beleive that there does not exist a benevolent god, its a black magic trick for people to abandon christianity and to abandon their own way of praising the ONE INFINITE CREATOR.

The next scene where neo is told to follow the white rabbit reminds us of the white rabbit of alice in wonderland and when he ask the question, it depends on how down the rabbit whole you want to go? Or in other words, in depends on how much of the truth you want to know. The scene of the white rabbit show us about sincronicity, this is very high white magic, the topic of sincronicities and coincidence. Sincronicities are the way god show us we are on the right path, its the way very high magicians receive guidance from source, they are like bread crumps that source give us in our own journey so we can know which paths to take, they are the purest form of communication because eventough channeling is a great way to receive knowledge, the higher magicians know that the channelings are done with a lot of manipulations and a lot of these angelic E.T races that are doing genetic and spiritual experiments on earth present themselves as angels or ascended masters and they dont reveal their real identity so they can also mislead us into their own ET race agenda.

(For more information on these go to show cosmic disclosure with corey goode)
In the party when trinity tells neo if he wants to know what is the matrix, it means that in order for you to understand what is the matrix a strong desire for truth must be present for awakening its a long path.

In the next scene we see neo being called to his manager office and we can watch here how this corporations are really very communist in their ways, they tell you in your face you have a problem with autority, you need to give away your persona to collectivism in a dark way, if and employe has a problem then the company has a problem.

Neo was not ready to take the leap of faith of truths and agents come and take him. This means the masses are not ready to walk the truth.

In the next scene neo is being silence, this means the system wants people afraid and quiet, the controllers are always listening to us and that is why today they dont want us to post in facebook and they demonitize youtube channels, its just one of their ways to keep the collective conciousness quiet and afraid.

Morpheous is the greek god of dreams, he is revealing neo the dreamworld he lives in.
In real life we dont have this plugs wired to us, but hidden forces really harvest our energy and steer our collective conciouness in the way that creates a lot of energy for them.
Change really starts to happen when actions (neo) aligns with thought (morpheous)
And the heart(trinity) is the bridge between this forces.

Next neo is shown what is the matrix, the world blinds us from the truth, that we are slaves bond into bondage, a prison of the MIND.

we need to go beyond the red/blue paradigm in this movie they ask you to choose bteween the ilusion(blue) and the truth(red) but this had make people to beleive they have to destroy the system and now millenials and a lot of atheist want to choose communism to destroy the system. I think they have been mislead by this directors because we dont have to destroy the system, we just have to change it to be in total harmony of the individual and at the same time respecting the collective in balance between these 2 forces.  The matrix is not the problem.. It is a playground for us to experience separation and them back to unity, the real problem is the controllers of the matrix that is a confederation or dark ETS that work hand to hand with our ruling elite, that is what has to change and we can control our system, our matrix we the people.
Fantasy land is goverment, religion and media being distorted, we need to take them back to express truth.

The scene where neo ask why does hes eyes hurt, its and allegory that ones you are awake the ilusions hurt.

Today we see how the a.i conciousness has destroyed our world, balance with nature is not respected, machine conciousness runs the show, we are being harvested in a negative way.  God wanted to harvest us in a spiritually organic way but we have fallen into the traps of our controllers and they are harvesting our energy for their purposes.

Neo is shown a world where the a.i conciousness takes over the world, intellect completely divorce of wysdom, kntellect divorce from compasion, i dont care as lomg as i get mine, totally service to self.

You can see in our real world today the elites pushing for a communist global world goverment run by tecnocrats that replace local politicians.

Do you see know the truth? Do you see how the A.I CONCIOUNESS IS TRIYING TO TAKE OVER THE WHOLE WORLD??

In the scene where neo is shown how humans are grown... Its the same pathway today we are taking in medicine, they are looking for ways to make invitro babys for all of us. Take the feminine principle out of the pregnancy, destroy the family with this transgender force agenda, so kids dont know what they really are since very young.

That why woman today are induce to take caesarean sections for giving birth, its the first step for and unnatural birthing.

Matrix is mind control total lock down of society a dream world to transform people into cyborg bateries.

Who is the ONE?  The one is everyone of us who gets awaken to the truth... That we are glorious individual expressions of the one infinite creator.  We come to remake the matrix, we are the destruction of the world of control.

Neo means the new man, the neo cortex the left and right side of the brain in balance, one unity conciousness, neo is the anagram for ONE.

The trainning fighting scene between neo and morpheous  we watch how the light entera the room directly to morpheous, this shows us how the light es receive by him and them he express it with others.

He tells neo... I am trying to free your mind, but i can only show you the door, you are the one who has to go through it. This means that we cannot awaken anybody we can only shownthem different paths but they must do it for themselves, they must be strong in mind.

Then morpheous shows neo that every person of the masses that is asleep is really and agent of the system, they protect it even with their lives because they dont want to have true personal responsability.... Its to much for them... They prefer to be slaves.  We need to show them compassion and understanding, not see them as their enemys as morpheous says, on the contrary we must guide the ones that show signs that want to awaken.

We need a peacefull revolution not a blood bath as communist leaders have always done to justify their control system.

Now the oracle comes into scene, first there is a yogi kid that says to neo...  You have to realize the truth, it is not the spoon that bends... It is you. So the kid is really saying you have to change  within your mind and heart to bend the matrix rules.

Neo meets the oracle, she is prophecy,knowing the self, the subconcious mind.
She is a clear reference to the oracle in delphi greece,whom was and epic center for hermetic traditions.
The phrase in here kitchen to knowthyself is the basis for hermetic teachings, we have forgotten, we are ignorants, we have a veil and we need to decode who we really are, knowthyself and you should know it all says the hermetic traditions.

At first neo is not confidence that he is the one, after that comes cypher betrayal and morpheous falls into agents hands. We can observe in the speech that agent smith gives to morpheous what the robotic conciousnees thinks about humans, smith has a poison world view, ghat we humans are a virus to the planet.

Its the same eay in real life all this A.I  elite prophets as bill gates of jeff bezos beleive of us, for more detailed information on this go to agenda 21 in youtube with david icke, there is all the evidence you need to decoded who are the A.i prophets from our world.

When morpheous is kidnaped the truth is being imprison, neo takes a leap of faith to save morpheous an this is simbolize in the elevator scene where they cut the wires of the elevator and they ascend.

When neo catches morpheous in the air is a symbol of courage embrassing the truth, and them morpheous tells the phrase... There is a difference in knowing the path than walking the path.
When courage embraces the truth it starts to beleive in himslef and fights the agent.
The movie ends in the same place it started.. In the heart lf the city hotel, where everything begins everything ends.

When new gets into the room number 303 he gets shot and died.

This 303 is a clear symbolism of 33 and we know how important the number 33 is for the occult. They simbolize neo as jesus that died at his 33 years and them was reborn again as and ascended being the same way neo by the grace of love its reborn into a different dimension or state of being, now neo is totally awake.

We have 33 bones ir our spinal column that need to be awaken by our kundalini.  There are 33 degrees in freemasonry, when u get to level 33 it means you die to the ilusions and are reborn to being awaken.

Neo is reborn by love and compasion he is bring back to life.

Now when neo is reborn and awake the first word he says is NO! This no is very important its and apophesis to say no to the system, no to the babilonian black magic system of control. No energy, no feeding, to withdraw.

Now neo can see with energetic eyes.

Neo and agent smith are divine flames, neo and trinity are twinsouls. Divine flame is the exact opposite copy of yourself, that is why neo can go inside agent smith so easily because smith is neo inverted.

Now neo can go into the heart of the agents of the system to change them by the inside. At the end with system failure we understand that anything is possible.

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