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Decoded by Jskywalker

This movie is a great reflection of how humans have coexisted with many different types of races along  millions of years. Our cosmos is divine and it creates life spontaneously in almost every galaxy. check out Davids Wilcock investigations and evidence of how humanoid life exists everywhere on the universe in .

The first scene starts with the elf queen of the woods talking about the ring of power,  the sacred feminine is displayed talking about the feminine elements of earth and water.

the rings of power represent the different factions of power that have rule on this earth, some races became stronger than others and had created all these secret rites and occult practices to claim themselves as official rulers of the people of earth. this is a hoax created by royals since time immemorial to have an excuse to control others in a service to self-agenda. 

The rings of power created by Sauron represents in real life the structures of power created by the Draco empires who go planet to planet manipulating the elites on how to enslave the masses, giving them support with technology and resources in exchange for total obedience.  Sauron is a reflection of the Cyakar empire from Alpha Draconis  constellations and their structures of rings of power totally based on the service to self-agendas. for more information on the service to self ET agenda go to www.l& the free book “law of one”.

Planet earth and  human races had been the battleground for ETS battles from thousands of years ago, we can observe structures and remnants of magnificent monuments all over the planet, but after the last flood that occurred  around 10.000 years ago we humans have forgotten our true history and as seen in the next scene of the movie they say " the history became legend and then the legend became myths” that its exactly how real life had been turned into myths in planet earth.

The different races in this movie represent the different states of consciousness of the humans, the Elves represent the angelic ETs or 4 density humans that have  evolved and posses this extraordinary abilities in comparison to humans of 3d. 

the dwarfs are humans that live in their their lower chakras, very greedy, their gravity center is to attach to the ground, to matter, they dig mountains all day to accumulate gold, that is why they bring their extinction so quick, they attract reptilian Ets that kill them( the dragon named Smaug in the hobbits trilogy)

The humans are regular people who are tempted by the material power of this satanic Sauron ring but they decided to fight the evil, most humans are good people  in service to others, they also feel the lust of power but control it in a better way than the dwarfs. Only their kings become  satanic into service to self.  The hobbits are that part of the human race that doesn't have a lust for power and have a big heart and just want to be happy with their community and neighbors, that is why they are chosen from all the races to carry the burden because their lifestyle is living proof that they don't desire power over others.

In the next scene, we observe how the archetype of the hero's journey is being created with the fellowship of the ring.  The archetype of the heroes journey its a journey that every living being has to face, its the archetype in almost every Hollywood blockbuster movie and its also the archetype of adventures that have to undergo every human, planet, sun, galaxy and every living being. for detail information go to the book the hero with the thousand faces of Joseph Campbell.

In the next scene, we observe how Frodo uses the ring  and becomes invisible to the people but completely visible to Sauron. This is a reflection of how in real life when you become part of the elites ring of power you become invisible to the masses that are ignorant of how the elites manipulate the collective consciousness of humanity. the elites are expert manipulators of the unconsciousness of the masses of their real power. the luciferian elites are the secret invisible hand behind the economy and behind every major event in our history, their actions are invisible to the masses, the masses just observe the effect and they think is totally random beyond their control, that the effect is part of human nature, when in reality there  is  group of people that are manipulating the belief systems of humans from the shadows, they are the invisible enemy, the cabal.

for more information on this subject go to

The ring also symbolizes the black magic rituals these elites create to contact their demonic overlords who live beyond the world of 3D.

 we observe Gandalf the grey who is seen as eccentric because he smokes marijuana and its subject to everyday desires as humans, that is why he is not given the highest ranks amongst magicians even though he has a good heart in service to others.  Gandalf is the main character of this movie, is the character with the purest heart, willing to sacrifice himself and take action in order to save the human race from the Sauron empire. 

In the next scene, we observe Gandalf the grey talking to Saruman who is the greatest and most powerful white wizard.  This character of Saruman is a good reflection of the Vatican pope, they show as the white priest to the masses but in reality, they are the black priest from Babylon. for more information on the true nature of the Vatican and their popes secrets go to YouTube and look for videos of the black pope and the papal bloodlines.

In the next scene  Aragorn enters, who is a descendant of kings and has a royal bloodline.

Aragorn is no ordinary human, his lineage once mixed with the Elves and he and all his gene-family have a greater lifespan than normal humans. This is a great example of how many different ETs have had sexual relations with earth humans and have created humans with special abilities. all the stories of the mythology of the demigods like Hercules come from this ancient history. ETs had done a lot of experiments with our genetics and we have a lot of genetic material from different races of other worlds. for detail information on this subject go to or to Elena Dannans books.

In reality, there are 13 bloodlines that have ruled this world for thousands of years, the so-called Illuminati had rule the masses keeping them ignorant of the occult knowledge. These bloodlines claim to be direct descendants from different ET races that have ruled on earth in the past, the Annunaki is one of them.

They see themselves as having a divine right to rule over us and they are willing to kill anybody who challenges their beliefs. In real life what happened is that one of these 13 bloodlines from  decided to create an alliance of people who want to end this secret ruling of humanity.

This alliance is now back by many countries and races who are tired of the 13 bloodline rule and their genocidal agendas. Aragorn represents the bloodline the Romanov's, or the tribes of Juda   bloodlines that are fighting to free humanity from evil, it is said this bloodline came be traced all the way back to Enki, one of the good Anunnaki who mix his own genes with humans so we could wake up one day and use this genes to help humanity ascend.

We saw one day President Putin pass the ball to President Trump at the Russian Fifa world cup, it was a symbolism that Putin was carrying the torch of the Alliance to free earth and he pass the torch to President trump, they both represent the Romanovs and tribe of Juda Bloodlines.

In real life, all the elite descendants  from the fallen empires of Egypt, Babylon, Syria, Persia and Grece   regroup themselves in Italy and helped to created the Roman empire.  These people are called the black nobility from Venice and they live in Italy. After the fall of the Roman empire, they moved their satanic practices to Britain and created the British empire. they rule all major corporations and banks today, they are the people behind the so-called deep state.

All these fallen elites from these ancient empires are represented in this movie in the 9 human kings who fell into the service of self-agenda of Sauron or the Draco reptilian empire from Alpha Draconis and Orion. 

In the next scene, we observe how Saruman destroys the trees and nature to create his demonic army. In real life, we observe how the masses are being in a total mind control agenda were they can not understand they had been subjected to hypnotic programming and their behavior has been  engineer by this black elite wizards. The elites have been the social engineers of the culture in our society and have created a zombie-like human who just follows what its common culture.  The uneducated masses have become  similar to the orcs in the movie,  living by basic desires and following orders without questioning nothing.  Sauron has the same agenda of the Luciferian elites to dumb down humanity converting them into mindless cyborgs that lack the capacity for critical thinking.  We earth humans are great expressions of god, we are divine, but we have been manipulated by this dark lords to live using only our 3 lower chakras of survival, instinct, and sexual desire and we have become a society of zombies. 


Aragorn has royal bloodline and protects the good-hearted people in total service to others, he has secret occult knowledge of the occult real history.

The ELVES perform white magic rituals to save Frodo and they give him a technological armor and a beacon of light for his protection against evil.

In the next scene, Gandalf escapes Saruman's spells in an eagle that rescues him, in real life we observe a connection of how the ETs with bird head features like Thoth and Ra have helped white wizards over the course of thousands of years. for more information on the the avian Ets go to the book "the return of the bird tribes"

In the next scene we observe the underground cities of the Elves, in real life these underground cities  deep on earth are used by the Telosians, these are some humans Ets from the Proxima Centauri star system that have already make the transition into 4 density beings. The Telosians are humans that came to earth a long time ago and created a colony on the underground inside Mt Shasta, they control mayor underground tunnels and roads that connect to places all over the world. Some of these ancient road system was already there from previous ancient ET civilizations and some were created by the Telosians.

In the next scene were the fellowship of the ring is born the Elves say “men are divided” but they all share the same common goal of defeating Sauron.  the fellowship of the rings is a great representation on the different alliances that are together right now to defeat the cabal and the Draco empire in real life. This alliance is created between the earth alliance, ( human power factions that argue between them but share the same common goal) the SSP ( a human breakaway civilization that lives in space with advanced technology and its completely separated from earth resources) and the angelic ET alliance ( the pleadians, the arcturians, the Sirians) and hundreds of other ET races in service to others that compose the Galactic Federation of Worlds. For more information on the Galactic Federation go to their messenger on earth

The ring symbolizes the system of control of the Babylonian money magic  of the bankster mafia elites. 


Frodo receives gadgets from the Elves the same way as Vladimir Putin and the alliance receives technological weapons from the Pleiadeans and other angelic ETs.

The earth alliance is led by  USA navy admirals and Russia's military, they receive all kinds of attacks from demons and dark ETs the same way as the fellowship of the ring is attacked by Saruman in the mountains and are forced to travel underground.

Gandalf is the central figure of this movie the one who unites them all and is wise enough to understand the dark agenda, He is a sacred priest of the white brotherhood of light, he sacrifices himself to save the others in total service to others. Gandalf dies and then its rebirth and he undergoes the sacred ritual of the heroes journey as every human and living being on the universe, we all go through this transition in order to ascend into higher consciousness.

The attacks of the orcs in the underground of the mountain represent the attacks of the Islamic state soldiers and all the extremist terrorist soldiers that act more  similar to animals than to a compassionate human.


The next scene where we observe the giant demon that fights Gandalf, we observe a representation of a giant race that was created by the Anunnaki's that came from Orion thousands of years ago. The Anunnaki created this giant's slaves to control the original humans on planet earth.  Giants still live today in underground caverns below the earth and are deeply traumatized because their race its almost extinct and they feel they were abandoned by their creators that died in the last flood in Noah's time about 10.000 years ago. The Annunaki still have their 3 main ships in which they came to earth in Antarctica, they are frozen below the ice but recently had been excavated by the military-industrial complex. For more information on this go to Michael's Salla book series in 

In the next scene Gandalf dies and falls to the shadows, but then he is purified and reborn, comes back in the second movie as Gandalf the white, a renew being. It seems when cycles of evolution occur god brings back or gives a divine protection to some leaders who are meant to help the transition to new ages. We can learn more about the fall and risen archetype with Josephs Campbell heroes journey books.

 Lady  Galadriel of the woods represents inner earth Ets colonist, or 4 density beings that are high priestesses . In the next scene the lady of the woods is tempted by the power of the rings, she controls her darkness because its more powerful in her service to others positive side.

In the next scene, we observe the fellowship traveling by boat and they pass by a lot of giant statues. in real life, this is a representation of Ancient Et giants that rule the earth thousands of years ago. A few royal giants are still alive in stasis chambers that prevent them from aging in Afghanistan and Irak. some of them had been woken up by the cabal Illuminati and are held as prisoners. we observe a lot these statues of the giant bearded kings from Babylon and Egypt in art all around the world.  all the 13 royal bloodlines that rule the shadow government on earth claim that are direct descendants of ETs that rule humans a long time ago when we were more primitive and today they still believe they have the right to enslave us. 

In one of the final  scenes, the treason of Boromir is a great representation of how some leaders from the earth alliance are tempted by the elite satanic ring of power and they betray the alliance because they are promised to be one day rulers of the new system of control. 



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