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Decoded by Jskywalker


each character of the main characters of this movie represents a faction of the many secret syndicates and societies that control the power on earth. they are composed of many different races and ancient bloodlines who rule populations since thousands of years ago.


In the first scene appears superman he is the light of the world, he represents all the good values of an American patriot, a service to others person willing to sacrifice his life for the greater good. He also represents the good extraterrestrials or angelic ets who help humans and he also represents the good side of the military-industrial complex.

The movie begins on how the world has gone into darkness without Superman, this is a representation of how the world has gone into darkness without leading individuals as Jhon F Kennedy. The USA military save the world in ww2 from the Nazi occupation, they used to be the moral compass of the world, but since JFK assassination it has fallen in the hands of a satanic elite who have been hollowing the USA from the inside and destroying all the great values that make it the best nation on earth to live in. 

The industrial might of the USA was the advantage in ww2 for the Americans and the shadow government of the world has weakened the industry by sending companies offshore the USA and they had created powerful countries like China and India. 

In the movie Superman vs Batman, we can observe the representation of the shadow war that is going on inside the military industrial complex of America, how the Patriots were being killed by black ops inside the military-industrial complex and have taken control of society.


In the next scene we observe batman doing intel the same way as the military industrial complex does intelligence, Batman represents the dark side of the military corporations that for many years working in the shadows.  The military corporations have developed exotic technology and arms classified as top secret keeping the masses totally unaware and deprived of this technology. For more information on this secret technologies go to (cosmic disclosure show) or 

Sphere-Being Alliance

Why is the Sphere-Being Alliance here? The Sphere-Being Alliance is fighting the current controlling elite known as the Cabal or Illuminati who exists on Earth at this very moment.



Alfred is Batman assistance and gives him all the software back up for the missions.

The next scene of supermans funeral we can see its very similar to JFK funeral because Superman is the light of the world the same as the military patriots of the USA. 


The next scene we observe the wonder woman in action, she represents the modern day goddess ATENA, the goddess of justice and wisdom.

Terrorist are use by higher dark forces, usually the satanic elite finds ways to psychologically trigger this terrorist into doing this delusional fantasy acts of terror. In cosmic disclosure program form Gaia we understand these secret technologies like the voice of God that is a device that makes people hear voices inside their head and are used in a lot of false flags.

Wonder woman ends the fight saying she is a believer, the same way a Christian Protestant and all the positive factions of the world alliance believe in a better world free from this satanic cabal bloodlines. 



In the next scene we observe batman building an alliance, in real life this is a representation of the earth alliance that is created by many different syndicate factions from the world, the alliance is created by the Pentagon military-industrial complex, Russia, China and many other countries and powerful bloodlines who are opposed of a Draco reptilian open rule of the world.

This alliance is created by peoples who are tired of the satanic elite bloodlines that have ruled the world for centuries in a service to self-path creating a lot of injustice and slavery. 

For detailed information on this go to

Sphere-Being Alliance

Why is the Sphere-Being Alliance here? The Sphere-Being Alliance is fighting the current controlling elite known as the Cabal or Illuminati who exists on Earth at this very moment.



Aquaman represents the descendants of the Atlantean civilization or angelic ETS that have bases underground the ocean.

Cyborg represents the computer tech software companies that used A.I in a positive manner. The Russians have developed this advanced software technology. All these supercomputers and cosmic technology are accessible right now waiting for the masses to ask for them to be released to heal the world and start traveling to space.


Batman as a leader of the alliance says he does not have to recognize the world, he just have to save it, in other words he is really saying I don't have to like what others do in order to let them live and have lived their own way, that's a totally opposite timeline of the world that these satanic elites want to create a technological communism run by technology with technocrats receiving guidance by their overlords the Draco empire. 


In the scene where they talk about the Kryptonian ship they are really talking about how the military industrial complex had collected all these ETS ships and by reverse engineering had created technology to travel far deep into space. 

With all the movies in the last decades of ETS and et technology what they are really doing is preparing us the masses for telling us that ETS exist. They are planting the seed in our collective mind so that when the government goes official on this subject people won't go crazy. 


The next scene we observe the Amazon warriors defending a box from a god known as Steppenwolf that looks like satan. These amazon warriors appear to live in a place near Greece, their costumes appear to be from the Greek mythology. In real life they where many Extraterrestrials in Greece that in ancient times make people believe they were gods, we didn't possess the technology back them to understand the difference from a god and a higher dimension human from another planet. It is a trick that has been used for millions of years that of more intelligent beings tricking less advanced civilizations into mysticism and magic when in reality it was always a higher knowledge of how energy works. 

In reality, this angelic ETS like the Amazon warriors have always protected us from the rule of the Draco empire. This character Steppenwolf looks very similar to the high-class white reptilian that rules the Draco empire from the constellation of Orion. 

In reality this Draco reptilian empire has enslaved planet earth thousands of years ago, and they give direct instructions to the elites on how to run it. For more information on this go to 

The horns from Steppenwolf represent Satan and his duality program, the Draco empire enslaves many civilizations on many solar systems, they are on a total service to self-agenda.

For more information on the service to others or service to self-path go to www.l&


In the next scene we see Diana in her secret life working for a museum in Paris, in reality this is how things work for the elites and many people who work for the Illuminati and freemasons and secret organizations like the CIA, they have a regular job to fit in. this is also the lives of many star kids here on earth, who have a regular job but at the same time are on their secret mission of helping humanity to awaken. 


In the next scene we observe people reading only bad news, a world of chaos the shadow government or cabal has created in the absence of Superman or JFK or the Patriots.

When darkness calls the shots the world becomes very chaotic and its people become very service to self. 


In the next scene, we observe the story of how Steppenwolf was beaten in the past, all the tribes of men and goddess together beat him.  In real life what happens is that service to others ETS allied with positive kings and defeated the Draco many times. 

In reality what is happening today is that the alliance is working with pleadian ETS and many other service to others ETS in defeating the rule of the cabal and their overlords the Draco empire.  This is the deep message this justice league movie showed to us. 


We see that flash represents the jews faction, they are small but very quick, great spy.

In the next scene we observe Batman having an argument with Wonderwoman, and this is exactly what happens in real life, the alliance is composed of many different power and culture syndicates, and they all have different perspectives and want to do things to benefit their faction first. They don't always get along very good but they all have in common that they want to defeat the cabal or iluminati criminal syndicates and run a free financial system. There is one faction of the alliance that wants to totally free us from the Babylonian black magic money system that we have today. For more information on this go to



The alliance of the Nazis with the Draco empire and the Illuminati elite cabal want to kill a large portion of humanity with a big war and create humanity openly with a technological socialism. Their main weapons are globalism to destroy the cultures of each country, they use the fear of the masses to deceive them into a service to self-path. They use political correctness and A.I technological ascension as their weapons.


The alliance is making great progress in liberating the world from tyranny, but they still need the light of the world to be reborn, they need Superman back in the game, or in real life the alliance needs the support of the American people, the masses and the Christian protestants leading the way. They need to bring back to life the spirit or consciousness of JFK, that seed of rightness that lives inside the heart of the American people and its positive military.

The cabal has been able to dodge a lot of attacks from the alliance because they have these A.i super computers that predict the future for them so they know how to change it. 

In the next scene Superman is back, he remembers who he is by an act of love.

This A.I prophets from the elite are angry cause the Christian Protestant and the American people are back in the game,  the American people and their marine soldiers will save the world from this satanic elites once again as they did it with the Nazis.


Steppen wolf or the Draco reptilians will use portals to escape the attacks of the alliance and their angelic ETS.  They will have to be on the run for all of their lives because the order has been given to the galactic federation of light to capture them on sight. 


Lois Lane is a truth reporter like Teresa yanaros from

When the cabal is defeated the heroes and patriots will no longer have to live in the shadows, we will know the real history of planet earth and its cosmic family, we… the star kids will not have to hide anymore….



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