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Decoded by Jskywalker

This movie starts with luke skywalker almost dying in the first scene, its very clear he is having the heroes journey arquetypical experience. On starwars 4 he was in the first quarter of the heroes journey.  The great arquetype of the heroes journey its a design from god that we all have to go through, the galaxy, the suns, the planets and we the people all have to go through this experiences where we face darkness and come back into the light, its a circle , we can observe this heroes journey in almost all the great movies, it touches us to the spine of our existence because its something we are all experiencing collectively, everything is a reflection of everything else... As above so below. (joseph campbell author of the hero with a thousand faces)  ( david wilcock the heroes journey www.divine

It is a well known secret in the upper levels of the secret societys that george lucas receive this saga by chanelings and visions of angelic ets.  A man that goes by the name KT once told me that he was in a secret society called the brotherhood and that he can confirm this to be true. 
Star wars is the story of the orion empire a long time ago, they are a group of negative ets that practice the service to self behaviour into the extreme, they go everywhere around  the galaxy slaving all the civilizations that are less advance than them. For detail info on this go to 

In this movie we can watch all the effort the so called rebels have to do just to escape from the empire, we can see the rebels using pleadian clothes, a confederation of positive ets of different races guided by white human looking ets. And we can see the uniforms of the empire are mainly nazi uniforms, this is because in real life the nazis did not loose the war, they went to antartica and helped by the orion empire they created antigravity machines and created a base on the moon and mars. They also created a secret space program known as the dark fleet where they work alongside the draco or orion empire conquering lesser advance worlds. For more info on this you can go to 
han solo is one of my favorite characters of this movies he is the typical old fox that knows how to surf the galactic streets very well, he has what i have called the morpheous movements, cause he knows how to apply his limited resources very well and survive to more powerfull opponents all the time.  We can see ones of his typical moves when han solo in the little ship falcon millenium escapes the big cruzaders from the orion empire, he gets into the asteroid belt, a very risky move and he lands inside a huge cave in one asteroid where he can not be traced by the tecnology of the cruzaders cause the asteroid themselves create interference. 

The emperor is a fifth density being, very powerfull and wise, also very negative in complete service to self personality, we can watch how he tells lord vader about the force being really strong in luke skywalker and how they must make him and asset or kill him. This is a great example of how the negative elite of planet earth thinks, they see everything in terms of assets to their cause of total  submision  and power or they destroy it. Its the same principle they apply here on earth, when a politician is doing good things, they temp him and if the politician does not cooperate they kill them or destroy their reputation cause they control all the big media outlets.  This is how they killed jhon f kennedy, martin luther king and many others who dont become and asset for their service to self negative activities.  For more information of the characteristics of a fifth density being go to l&l research and their book The Law of ONE.  law of one is a channeled book by sixth  density beings. (
In the next scene we Watch luke( luke means light) arriving to the dagobah system where  he meets master yoda ( master yogi ) to start his jedi trainning. 
Jedi means warrior of light priest. The jedi trainning is all about using knowledge and defense in the service to others path.  When luke enters this misterious cave he faces his own shadows, the deep forest is full of femenine energy, in a lot of movies we observe how the forest is haunted and evil things live in its deep roots.  A cave represents a vagina it becomes a portal to another world. The same as a vagina give births from the shadow a black hole it creates things in to the material world.  Darkness is not the same as evil, darkness is just the other polarity of light. It is easier for evil to grow in darkness because its mysterious properties makes it easier for camouflage.  Energetically speaking darkness is synonymous to feminine, to earth, mother nature, the void,the material world, to love, to attraction. That is why in a deep cave in the forest luke becomes able to see his own shadow and starts to connect with his true bloodline lineage.  With his newly developing jedi powers luke uses his intuition and gets scared because he finds out darth vader is going to trap his friends.
Luke acts out of love, not by wisdom and he chooses to stop his jedi training before he is ready. He is young and naive and when you act out of balance between wisdom and love you expose yourself to death. 

When han solo is about to get in the cryogenics chamber we find out that Lea is in love to han.  Lea and han are divine flames, their connection goes all the way to the beginning of creation, divine flames go out from source into the higher densities at the same time because they are and exact opposite copy of them selves. This is a polarity universe and everything is created in pairs with the intention that everything becomes again to source as one.  They are one flame that splits in two for polarity reasons, and its really like a safe button for going back to source, the problem with this couples is that because of the veil, they don't remember this connection and the lower they descend in densities the lesser they feel attraction for each other because their ego are opposites, divine flame its the inverted version of yourself. (In my blog energetics decoding i write more on this topic) 

Lea and han are so alike in one sense...they are both the maximun leaders of the resistance, she is the official leader but han solo is the underdog that doing his tricky morpehous moves goes out and wins the battle. She always tell the truth and its perfect mantainning the status quo, han solo on the contrary he always talk his way out lying and its seen as a smuggler with no education but they both are the maximun savers of the resistance. 

Divine flames usually only live their love in short occasions, when they are truly in danger situations or in near death experience, as they represent the exact shadow of them selve, their part that they rejected when they go out of source into this material reality, they dont recognize themselves and the bigger their egos the less they can be together. 

When luke faces Darth Vader and finds out he is his father he almost loses his life. This is a great representation of the heroes journey archetype, because our father represents our ego, our shadow part that we don't want to accept of ourselves.

The majority of people always grow up having big problems with their father figure and if we use deep phycology we find out that the things we mostly hate of our fathers is the same things we have inside of us that we don't want to accept or see. 

We all have light and darkness inside us, the two polarities but most of the time that we are sleep we think we are the light or good and others are bad or dark and this is and illusion we create to feel better of ourselves, but this just makes us feel better in the short run, depending on exterior additives as alcohol or drugs to keep feeling better in the short run.  If we want to go out of the illusion and feel better in the long run we need to face our own shadows and our ego, and the better arquetype the universe created to heal this is the mirror relationship with our father. 
We observe the representation of this tremendous healing when Luke starts screaming because he has to accept the dark in himself, in his lineage.

When he finds out his father is the most evil guy in the galaxy, he starts to find out he is not so perfect as he tough he was.  This first time that they battle... A little of evil passed on to luke and we see this represented in his new robotic hand and at the same time a little of love is passed on to darth vader from luke. Everytime we make love or we battle or communicate in some way with somebody a bit of them merges into us and a little of us merges into them, its a really beautifull alchemical process energetically. 

Now luke recognizes the darkness in him, the death in his A.I hand and now with balance between his polarities he is ready to become a great and powerfull jedi and now darth vader its starting to remember the light and love in him. This alchemical process happens so easily because they two are also divine flames or twin flames. 

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