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Decoded by Jskywalker

This movie is awesome, one of the best of startrex for disclosing tecnology and ancient information all included.

The movie starts with the president JFK suggesting about space being the final frontier and how we earth people are in the final face of going out.

The main theme of these movie is the timelines and how negative events have shaped into negative timelines for humanity.
That is why they show us kennedy in the beginning, if we where on a timeline that he wouldnt be assasinated we would be living a startrek era since the beggining of the 1980's.

There is a lot of evidence as shown in articles at and that kennedy was going to release all this secret technology that the elite cabal kidnaped and keep for themselves, the Kennedy speach one week before he was killed its a clear evidence that the iluminati cabal killed him.

There is a lot of evidence that the startrex tv shows and movies was a soft disclosure that came from the u.s.a. Navy, dr michael salla from shows great evidence about this. Its been happening humanity has been going to space since the late 1960,s , its just the elite have keep them for themselves. Now you know where all the money from this secret black budgets has gone to, they have hollow in the usa economy and being taken everything out to build a robust space industry with bases and factories all over the solar system... Just think about it... The best place to keep all these hidden is out there in space and secret underground bases here ln earth. Cities just take a small percentage of the countrys lands, there is a lot of things that go on that we dont know about cause they happen outside the city areas.

You can also search for william tompkins and ex navy officer about this topic in
The next scene of the movie we observe a massive ship that gets out of a temporal anomaly, a ship from 129 years from the future that attacks a federation fleet.

They explain how earth has gained a seat and is part of a galactic federation of positive races that protect the galaxy.  In the movie we observe humanity just having its first steps as a space race, with primitve technology compare to the old star trex movies from 30 years ago.

This massive romulean ship attacks the federations ship, the father of captain kirk was the captain and he manages to saves 800 lifes by evacuating the ship in exchange of sacrificing his life and becomes a heroe in the federation.

Now the whole timeline has changed and captain kirk grew up with out having a father, he becomes a rebel full of anger for having his father killed in battle, he uses alcohol and sex to numb down his pain.

As said by corey goode and insider of the secret space program time has its way of snaping back to the original intend from source... Although negative ets travel in time to the past and change things in order to gain their outcomes in the present.

For a complete analisis of the timelines study the mandela effect in and

The next scene there is spock when he is a kid.... He is a hybrid from a vulcan father and a earths mother, he is to emotional for the vulcans and to cold for the humans, he has one foot in each culture so sometimes he feels nobody understands him. He thinks this as a disadvantage but its the opposite this makes him very special cause he understand things in a unique way.
The vulcans represent a humanoid specie more advance than earth humans, they are 4 th densitie beings with all kinds of telepathic and mind control powers.


Spocks girlfriend called officer aurora is a human with klingon dna, we can understand that here on earth today in reality we have a mixture from hunderds of different et species who have tinker with our genetics... For more detail info on this go to
Earth is and example of the many different genetics  thats exist in ALL THAT IS!

Jim kirk gets into a fight in the bar and meets a friend of his father who is today captain of the enterprise, he gets reintroduce to his original timeline as a federation officer even though he though he was not gonna get into a ship ever.

Time finds its way to snap back to its original timeline.

Spock creates a test that is imposible to win to observe what the officers would do in near death situations. Kirk doesnt know how to loose because he already lost his father so he always gives his best to win and he finds a way to change the rules of the test and he wins.... Uncovering that the test is rigid.

Eventhough hes discovery the whole system of the federation is very rigid and new and cannot see their flaws in cheating on the test instead they beleive its jim kirk who disrespected and cheated on them and he gets suspended.

The federation does not like rebels eventhough sometimes this rebels become the heroe who saves everybody.

Officer aurora does not understand spocks lack of emotions, she doesnt understand that spock has to bury his human side deep down in order to be respected as a vulcan, this has created and imbalance in spock that makes him take his desicions with extreme logic not taking in account the love or feelings in different situations.

The next scene officer kirk tries to tell the captain they are going directly into a trap in the rescue mission because is the same strange storm that happen when his father was ambush and killed, he uses his intuition and nobody beleives him, they are to logic in their desicions aboard the ship.  When they arrive to the planet of the vulcans they find the same huge minning ship from the romulans of the future commanded by captain nero making a giant whole with a drill in spocks planet.

Nero drops a single drop of red matter into the core of spocks planet and this created a black hole that destroyed the planet.

Spock got notice of these just a few minutes before the explosion and teletransports himself to rescue the high council of the vulcans. His mother and father are members of this high council.
Spocks mother dies at the same time his planet dies. This is a representation of spocks imbalance with his femenine side his love or intuition has created a rift in the timeline, he is so imbalance with love that he looses his mother and his mother planet at the same time.  All the imbalances in the timelines have been created by spocks extreme logic when making desicions, this activated the anger of and extreme fundamentalist as nero.

Spock loses his planet that is femine in the macrocosm and loses his mother in the microcosm... As above so below.

Now nero kidnapes the captain from the enterprise and its heading back to earth to destroy earth and all the planets of the federation in a act of vengeance.

Officer kirk wants to go into neros ship an attack them by surprise, while spock wants to do everything by the book, he wants to go back to earth and wait for reinforcements, what spock doesnt count on is that neros is torturing the captain of the enterprise in order to take him out the information of the defence system from earth. Nero is going to destroy earth the same way he destroyed spocks home and spock still does not want to go a stop nero directly.

Officer kirk and captain spock get into a fight and kirk is thrown out of the ship into a planet that has a federation outpost.

Kirk is about to makes his rebirth into ghe heroes journey... For more info on the heroes journey go to

Time and the one infinite creator have its way to snaping things back into their original destiny and by this amazing sincronicity kirk meets the spock from the future.

Now this old spock tells kirk that 129 years into the future the planet of the romulans was about to be destroyed by their sun that was about to explode, he as embassador of the federation used their advance technology on red matters and black holes to save the romulans planet. He promise the romulans he was going to save them... A promise that he could not keep and that got a high price to pay for him.

Nero captures him and his red matter ship to destroy his home planet in revenge because spock could not keep his promise and save the romulans planets.

Obiously the fundamentalist and full of angry and bad character of the movie is this nero captain, but there is also a big lesson for spock here to learn... That the use of highly advance technology to stop the natural cycle of the universe or god is something we shouldnt mess with until we have at least learn to master this Technologies. The use of tecnology    Should always go side by side with spiritual awarness in order to give the best use of things. Old spock carry the imbalance he wanted to help in the logic and rational way using his Technologies to stop the explosion of and entire planet and he didnt have into consideration the spiritual side of it... If maybe the will of god is that the time for the romulans planet to die was now. Maybe the romulans where making a lot of damage with this huge minning ships all over the galaxy and their karma was Huge.

Spock story is similar to nicola tesla, it is chaneled by the high council if sirius through patricia cori in her book "atlantis is back" that nicola tesla was the third reencarnation of akaeneset in the atlantida period thousands of years ago, hes soul comes from a high vibrational galaxy very advance and he wanted to give free electricity to this planet that was his mission, he failed when he was a high priest in the atlantida the same way as he fail when we was nicola tesla, he fall into ego traps and has manipulated by the dark side. When he was priest in the atlantida he created such and advance technology that he learned how to manipulate the frquencies and rithyms of planet earth to such and extent that earth got pissed of and created a minor cataclisym killing lost of people on the planet.  This is technology with out spiritual work very similar to spock hystory as very similar to a lot of great scientist.

For me this is a somehow personal also, yes for me Jstarwalker because i was told by a very powerfull psyque once that i was one of the priest in the atlantida and i was involve in one of the cataclisyms from thousands of years ago, using crystal technologies and frequencies, thats why today one of my main missions is to balance my femine side, my love/light.

Old spock tells kirk how to tap on young spock emotions and take back control of the ship, they use future spock knowledge to get back into the ship.

Old spock told kirk that in his timeline kirks father was alive when jim kirk became captain of the enterprise, this is proof of how the whole timeline was changed by the black hole that spock created with his red matter and his extreme logic imbalance.

Kirk is emotions, pure love and intuition, while spock is pure and extreme logic, now the future of the whole federation depends of the battle between this 2 arquetypal forces, and love must win over the mind in order to save humanity. (Detail info on arquetypes go to carl jung articles in

In reality love and logic must work together hand to hand, for balance to exist, although in this particular case love must have the upperhand to save the whole federation, love is fearless, irrational and intuitive.

In the next scene spock becomes irrational he explodes in uncontrolable emotion, all his life holding his feelings at bay and he almost killed jim kirk. After that kirk becomes again captain of the ship and time starts snaping back to the original timeline where he was the captain of the enterprise.

Captain kirk and spock decide to go together to attack neros ship, so now love and logic are working together hand to hand to save the federation. Spock remember that romulans and vulcans have common ancestors so he will know how to operate the technology of neros ship.
They have common ancestor although vulcans focus on developing the mind powers and became and intelligent race while the romulans focus on developing their physical bodies and they where just minning all over the galaxy so thats probably why the romulans had a karmic debt and their planet was destroyed by the super nova eventhough spock wanted to change that outcome from god or the one infinite creator.  Spock captures the redmatter ship from the federation and saves earth and then he destroy neros ship crashing the federations redmatter ship with neros, spock was going to sacrifice his life in this act but he was saved by the crew of the enterprise.

The enterprise almost got pulled into the singularity black whole created by neros ship, captain kirk uses nuclear bombs to detach the enterprise from the gravity pull of the black whole.
Now they snap back as must as it could be to the original timeline, captain james tiverius kirk can not bring back his father from death, but now the have the advantage of 2 spocks, one with wisdom and technology from the future and now captain kirk is as tree times as famous as he was in the original timeline for saving the whole federation.

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