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Decoded by Jskywalker

This is and amazing movie with truly shows us all the controling and manipulation agenda of higher density extraterrestials upon less develop civilizations.

The name Jhon Carter is a code for Jesus Christ, J.C.

Ait is very clear in hollywood they use the arquetype figure of christ very often, sometimes to enlighten us, sometimes to deceive us, but what its clear is that different factions of the occult syndicates that control hollywood use the Jesus arquetype to show us lessons or seed our unconcious. Remember as above so below... What happen in the past happens now.... The same way as jesus was crucified for fighting for our freedom is what happens today when people as JFK or other martirs that want to really liberate humanity are killed.

This movie happens mainly on mars, but remember we can extrapolate it to earth and learn a lot of our current world... As above so below... As it is in mars... As it is here on earth.

The movie starts with a description of the planet barzoom (mars)  and the soudange city a predator city that its always devouring and consuming the resources with out thinking of tomorrow.

There is also the city called helium which is a place where balance with nature and justice is practice.

Just in here we can  analise the same  battle that is happening on earth between the cabal vs the alliance.

The cabal are the so called iluminati or shadow goverment or criminal sindicate that are luciferians and work with service to self ets to enslave humanity. The alliance is the sum of many countries who just recently start working with more benevolant ets in order to help humanity free itself from this tyranical system of control.

In barzum the bad guy allies with a service to self fourth density ets called the thurns , they give the king of soudange technology that its used for having advantage in battle with helium. As above so below... Its the same as here on earth the cabal has tecnological superiority over the rest of the world and by military force has force a lot of goverments to do things in their own way.

(For detailed info on this subject go to or wisdom teachings season 18)

Then the movie plot goes to earth, to virginia u.s.a, this is to show us in here there is all this c.i.a groups that have all this secret portal technology to mars, the movie shows us that virginia is loaded with wealthy researchers into the occult that have develop ways to travel to other plants by portals.

In the next scene jhon carter is looking for a gold cave in arizona, but in reality his soul was searching for this natural portal in the mountains.

It is well known in indian traditions that gods or people came from the sky, thats the best way they could describe this ets coming with superior technology to earth.

In the next scene jhon carter is ambush by the indians who want to kill him but suddenly the indians back away.

The indians back away because they think that cave belongs to the devil, that is what they where told by this malevolent ets and thats the way these ets keep people ignorant thinking in terms of magic and not in terms of technology and energy.

When jhon carter is inside the cave he meets a thurn et and with a friends help he manage to kill him, then J.C. takes the ets medalium which in reality is not just a medalium, its the key to the portal between worlds.

This key is activated by sound vibrations, specific words have to be spoken for activation.
This is the same as in real life corey goode describes in the show cosmic disclosure that everywhere on the solar system and here on earth there is a lot of technology of the ancient builder race, this includes crystal pyramids, spaceships,stasischambers,healing technology,weapons and a lot more. Corey describes how this superior technology is activated by sound or by specific dna.

Sudenly when J.C. is teletransported to mars he gains this superior abilities, he is still a third density human but as mars gravity is lesser than earths gravity he can jump very high and have a superior resistance. This makes him a special person in mars and is welcome by everybody specially a primitve reptilian humanoid race that finds him wandering in the dessert.
Here is another example to jesus, clearly jesus soul did not came from earth, he clearly came from other places. The things he do and said where not normal on earth and he got the attention of all the powers from earth.

Each planet has its own rythyms and so their people.
We have learn by many insiders that have come forward from the secret space program(ssp) that in mars lives some primitve reptilian and mantid races.  When the nazis got to mars  aproximately in 1950 they got in battle over territory with reptilians that live near some lava tubes. This lava tubes are strategic in mars cause the planet dont have any atmosphere so they nedded to settle near this lava tubes to have a source of energy for their bases.
In the movie we see a 4 arms reptilians that are very primitive hunters, with primitive weapons and way of life.

In reality mars loss its atmosphere in a battle 500.000 years ago when mars was a moon from a giant earth called tiamat. Tiamat was destroyed and became today what is called the asteroid belt. There is scientific evidence today that the asteroid belt was originally a planet. (

In the law of one they explain how a lot of souls where transfer to earth from mars to heal, this souls are of a very warrior type and today are a lot of what we called the iluminatis.
The next scene in the movie shows us the princess of helium, the femine love principle, she represents the goodness and the god principle. She is a very intelligent scientific woman and a warrior at the same time, she is very concern for her people and she is always studying how to use the energy of the 9th ray or unlimited energy.The masses think of her as naive because they have been trick by the thurns that the 9th ray is a magical and can only be use by the goddess Isis.
She is being manipulated and has no choice than to leave her studies behind to marry the barbaric princess of soudanga. Its the same that happens here on earth everytime some scientist breaks the code for antigravity machines and unlimited energy he is being killed or force to accept money for his silence in order for the barbaric primitive industry of oil to keep making rich the same elite wealthy families.

There is already available clean unlimited energy here on earth for more info you can go to

In the next scene J.c. Is capture by the reptilians and they give him and elixir a medicine plant similar to the ayahuasca that unlocks his ability to undertstand the native languages from mars. That is the effect this powerfull ayahusaca medicine does... Its a sacred plant that opens us to healing and give us higher understanding of us.

Then J.C saves the helium princess in a battle, his jumping abilities got the atention of the thurns.  After he had and intelligent cosmic conversation with the princess he discover he is in mars.  The tog reptilians represent a lot of primitive races that we have on earth, religion fundamentalist,indian or african tribes that take their leyends in a literal way and dont dare to explore beyond the boundaries of their beleif systems, they will even defend their beleif system to death with out question.

When J.C starts telling the reptilians that the medallion is a key to travel between worlds he is treated as a blasphemer.  This thurns use the oldest trick in the galaxy to keep people in fear that they are just a myth and to the ones that they contact kn person they say they are messenger from the goddes isis, they pose as angels or priest when in reality they are just humanoid ets that manipulate less advance humans for their own agenda of service to self.
We observe on planet earth a similar behavior with the priest who beleive themselves to be messngera of god and have more rights than the average person and are above the law.
J.C.  Goes with the princess to the so called forbiden place, the sanctuary of isis, mars inhabitants think this is a magical and sacred place and when they arrived there the princess finds out its just technology dominates by the thurns.

Now the princess becomes a menace for the manipulative agenda of the thurns and they want her death. But they are very clever they wont just kill her, they will use the barbaric prince they control so nobody will suspect that they are the ones pulling the strings from behind the same way we see here ln earth all this elite iluminatis manipulating the strings of the narrative of mainstream media.

As we observe here on earth sacred places as manupichu and the egiptian pyramids are just e.t technology very advance.

The helium princess learns to decode the symbols in the walls of the 9th ray place and she now has the power of free energy for her people.

The princess tells J.C they might be worlds apart but she knows his soul, a man willing to fight for a good cause, and et cause he is not from mars willing to fight for the good the same as jesus did here on earth.

Then suddenly it appears a more barbaric and evil race of reptilians that protected the sacred valley and get into a deep fight with JC.

J.C had to burry his wife and songirl cause he was not present when they kill them on earth. He feels guilty about this and cannot continue his military life.

Now he let go of all this represed anger that gives him super strenght to kill a lot of reptilians. After he releases all this anger and grief he is now able to become a hero again and to love again. Sometimes god takes away things from us in order to fullfill a bigger destiny in service of others.

J.C declares his love to the princess and she teaches him the sound activations to use the medallion to go back to earth, he does not go cause he is in love with the princess and he gets capture by the thurns.

The thurn using a holographic camuflage pose as a normal inhabitant of mars and explained all the truth behind their secrets, they live for a long period of time and they manipulated the inhabitants of less advance planets using clean and precise forms of control in order to manage and feed of every planet resources, they created and feed fights in order to control the different factions of each planet.

They use the word they dont exist.... Thats what they tell to people that they dont exist... The same way people here on earth beleive the devil doesnt exist or that ets dont exist, its the same old trick... As above so below.

Then suddenly J.C is saved by his pet the dog, this dogs represents the heart, the love, there is also a slight connection to the dog people of sirius who are ferocious warriors and are able to fight this advance ets in more equal battles.

J.C goes back to the benevolant tog reptilians and he manages to become their leader and he gets himself his army for fighting the barbaric prince army.

He confronts directly the thurn e.t but they are very difficult to kill because they camuflage and have technology to phase out of reality.

Then J.C is trick to go back to earth to the cave of gold, he becames very wealthy and doing what i called the morpheous moves he tricks the thurns and killed one of them. Then he goes back to mars 10 years later as and educated and mature gentleman.

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