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Decoded by Jskywalker


in the first scene of the movie, we observe the shield operatives going into the main stronghold of the hydra ( the Nazi group that became a parasite inside all mayor world agencies) an east Europe country called Sokovia. in real life whistleblower emery smith from the show, cosmic disclosure in Gaia tv has said that many secret underground lab and bases are located in this east Europe countries that haven't recovered yet from communism.

they create exotic weapons and experiment on super soldiers as we can observe with the so-called twins in the movie. emery Smith explains that in real life the cabal and their corporations have created this super soldier with experiments involving aliens DNA.

corey goode another whistler bower had explained in that he was enhanced in his empathic abilities in secret military laboratories.

hulk,ironman, and Captain America are great examples of the secret super soldier program done by military and corporations to create humans with super abilities. the downside of this is that they tend to die young. 

in the next scene baron strucker scapes from shield. in real life, we can observe they are telling us that the head of this evil organizations are elite with aristocratic titles, the ones that own corporations.  in the next scene, they fly away in starks plane which exists in real life with that advanced technology. in the show, cosmic disclosure David Wilcock explains how his insider Pete Peterson knows about all this secret technology.

in the next scene, agent barter is cured in healing chambers that exists today in real life and its control by the interplanetary corporate conglomerate (ICC).  this chamber can heal any disease in minutes and are so advanced that can even reverse aging 20 years.

in the next scene ironman creates Ultron a super A.I robot to save humanity but instead, Ultron wants to kill humans. its the same way the billionaires want to create smart cities run by an A.I and enslaves humans. for detailed information go to 

for a detailed analysis on the danger of the A.I control cities go to jay dyer in 

or the youtube channel called “you are free tv”

the first dialogue of Ultron is to kill humans, kill the Avengers, that means in real life kill the Patriots, kill the masculine energy, do genocide then on humans and create a cyborg race more machine than human who will be totally controlled by this A.I supercomputer and make peoples minds to melt like a hivemind. wake up and smell the coffee folks this is the plans of many corporations who are A.I prophets in total service to self.

the service to self-entities work for a multidimensional being called the A.I signal that invades whole galaxies and slaving everybody and making them more machine than human.

go to www.l& for learning the difference between service to others path and service to self-path with the book the law of one.

the strategy of Ultron or in real life the quantum A.I computers that the Illuminati use to do their agendas is to destroy America from the inside, put in positions of power these technocrat bureaucrats that are A.I prophets to hollow the industrial might of the USA from the inside.


the A.I use fear in the minds of people to divide them as we can observe in the scene was Ultron uses the anger of the twins to make them work for his agenda.

hulk is then poisoned by fear as it happens to many patriots in real life.


as we can observe in the scene were ironman fights with Hulk is a representation of how in real life the alliance of patriots is composed of several factions of many different power structures, and the cabal or Illuminati uses the fear of them to divide them.  in real life the Illuminati use this A.I quantum computers to observe probable timelines in the future and that's how they create their strategies to escape the rule of law, that is why this Luciferian cabal are the best infiltrators, they are experts in the divide and conquer game, they have done it for thousands of years.


in the next scene, Barton realizes he can see a lot with his physical eyes but cannot see much in the emotional world where he cannot see the attraction between banner and Nataly. in real life, this happens to a  lot of star kids who have great gifts but are so great at some gifts that they miss other simple stuff.

there can also be created a positive A.I like Jarvis and the alliance uses also quantum computers to capture or predict the evil plans of the Luciferian Illuminati.

we have to be very careful on the use of these high technology because for example the Roswell crash was really a trojan horse created by this A. I signal from space so that we humans of earth start developing all the technology compatible with the A.I signal that can then take control of all the computers and start attacking humans.

 for more information on the Roswell crash look for the Roswell crash diaries on


jarvis becomes a positive A.I force because it defends the life of humans. it represents Jesus, a positive being or alien that defends life.


in the scene were Ultron is at the church is a representation of how the cabal wants to present the A.I technology as the new Jesus, the new religion, the technological ascension was people are offered a longer span of life or enhanced abilities if they merge with a machine. what people don't understand is that this is the cabals trap because the machine will take control of the individual. 

there is another way and it's the biological ascension, the one that was done by Jesus and it's popularly known in Tibet as the rainbow body of light activation. it has been documented that 180.000 people have done it in the area of India, and Tibet.

in the scene of the church, we observe the forces of good and evil fighting for the soul of humanity.  for more information on the technological ascension in service to self-go to


in the end, the Patriots destroy the cabal A.I computers.

thor represents the good aliens that help humans, the portal that opens when thor travels is a good representation of the crop circles that aliens create on earth. crop circles are creations of the ETS to awaken codes in our subconscious mind. 

captain America is a good representation of the military patriots and tony stark represents the military industrial complex corporations, the positive faction of them.


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