Decoded by Jskywalker

The man of steel (Superman) : A manual of how to properly raised a indigo/starkid on planet earth.

The movie starts with Ka els birth,it was very important as it was the first natural birth in krypton in over 900 years.  Kryptonians where very advance in tecnology but not that much in spirituality so they disconnected from source or god beleiving their technology was enough for living eternally.

They choose a technological rather than the natural organic natural ascension and they pay the price. (Detail information between the A.i ascension and organic ascension go to )

This is the same path we are going today on earth with the health industry looking for more ways to create invitro births with the excuse that the mother in this way wont feel any pain. This things as also the caesarean section takes away some power bond between the mother and its baby. The first great quest of a child is to go out by a whole that is smaller than its head, this creates a strong boy that as its first act into the material world is already succesful, this thing deprives the baby of its firts challenge and that is... To be born.

The next scene we watch how the kryptonian council receives a military coup by his military leader general zog. Zog is and extremist willing to do anything to mantain the kryptonian people alive, but basically just the pure dna bloodlines all control by him as their supreme leader.

General zog wants to kill the weak bloodlines and conquer other worlds, he is in a service to self path.

Krytpnians are a fourth density raise , very powerfull in love to self, but as they choose the service to self path collectivelly they create their own destruction.

For more information on the all the 9 th densities of beings go to www.l& the law of one.

Joel is and organic scientist, he is old school and choose the path of service to others,  his flying car is his own flesh pet.  In the next scene Joel saves the codex that is a little skull from their ancestors that contains all the dna information of all the kryptonians bloodlines.  We lbserve how babys are farm, just very similiar than the movie matrix. Today in our real world we can observe how the medical industry is pushing harder and harder for invitro birth control, to treat us as machines.

The technology of the kryptonians is very advance we can observe it in their flying ships that resemble flying animals, they observe nature and reproduce it.

Joel saves his son by sending him to a solar system of a young soul where his son will have super natural abilities compare to the humans native to earth. This is pure energetic science, very similar as the movie jhon carter from mars.

joel is a very wise service to others being, in order for his son to have a new beggining  eh chooses to stay and die with krypton. Lara the mother of kael decides to send him to earth.
Kael flys in a ship that can phase out of reality and travel through a portal that is located near the rings of saturn. This is very peculiar as in the movie interstellar they show this same place in saturn to be the portal where they communicate with higher intelligent beings, what is more weird is that chris nollan is the producer of man of steel and its the director of interstellar movie, what is the message he wants to tell humanity of this temporal reality in the rings of saturn?  Well you cand find the detailed answer to this question in and  cosmic disclosure in gaiatv. The super federation compose of 40 different types of et races from many different galaxies mainly of 4th and 5th density development created this temporal anomaly near the rings of saturn that they use as and embassy similar to the O.N.U here on earth. Its a giant portal that its out of time and space where they have direct portals to their galaxy of origin. They have been conducting 22 genetic and spiritual programs farming the humans of planet earth for hundreds of thousands of years, they are the so called gods of our myths.
In the next scene general zog and his crew is being judge amd sentence to 700 years in a criogenic prison in the phamton zone out of this material reality.
In a recent episode of cosmic disclosure corey goode explain how this very advance beings that are service to self to the extreme the ones that are very advance in higher densities they try to dont kill them because them they will just reincarnated in another body having full memory of who they where before and then start develpimg gheir powers right back again of service to evil.
What the galactic federation does in this cases is that they put them in very advance stasis chambers where they can be rewire mentally for hundreds or thousands of years the same as type as the prison zog and his command are send to.

After this scene they show how kryton dies for their abuse in love of self.

Then we watch how superman  camuflages as human becoming clark kent and starts saving everybody he can as a little child, everybody around him.

As his father so is he, he uses his power to be a force for good in service to others.
In the next scene we watch Kael in a dream with whales, this ys simbolically to that superman is probably a pleadian e.t. In real life. He looks very pleadian kn his physicall features, we know for sure that the pleadians have one of this 40 seats in the temporal anomaly of saturn, there is a lot of evidence over millenia from storys of the pleadian beings coming and going from planet earth,mixing between their people and tampering with their genetics. Perphaps the story of krypton is being send as and allegory by the pleadians. The way superman is in a dream state while the whales hum around him is a very powerfull message cause we know whales and dolphins came from a water planet from the 7 star system called the pleyades.

In the next scene clark gets very irritated at school because he can feel everything, and this is what happens to a lot of starkids or wanderers or indigo children as however you want to call them, this anxiety and panic attacks and depression symptoms happen to them because they truly feel out of place, they dont remember who they are but their soul still feels they are out of place in a very primitve society where kids are not encourage to be individuals but totally the opposite they are brainwashed to be exactly the same as a car factory where we are seen as productive workers to be deliver to society.

Nobody in school knows how to help clark and when her mother arrives, she just start calming him with love, she teaches him to just focus on one thing, to focus on her voice, on the bond they have together, she does this with a lot of patience and love.

She doesnt force him to do anything, she is just ther to support him... Thats is the way we have to treat starkids we have to really atune to their gifts and open a highway for them to develop their own unique characteristics.

Be very alert and sensitive to their special needs clark kent mother and father are very wise, by law of atraction he atracted earth parents that are very similar to in goodness and wisdom as his celestial fathers in krypton.

Now as clark learned from very little how to focus he can have a normal 3d life and at the same time explore and develop his inner abilities in balance.

The scene where clark saves the school bus and the kids of drowning is a representation of how starskids always many times are look as freaks or in a very peculiar way cause they stick their head out of the bunch in many situations, some times by religion or sometimes by just dont respecting the normal rules of society, again in this case its very important for their parents to be aware of this and give them the security and back up they need to grow as strong and healthy kids where they can develop their full potential and remember their cosmic mission to develop on earth.

In the next scene clarks father tells him about his celestial origins, he tells him the truth, he did not hide it from clark, he just waited until clark was at the right age to understand about it. Imagine how imcredible would be if the father of the starkids can sense their cosmic origin away from earth and start teaching their kids to look for ways to connect with their original soul family, with out jelously and fear, completely understanding the situation that is posible to have different earth parents than celestial parents. This would really be a quamtun jump for earths humanity.

In the next scene lois lane appears, she is a very intelligent journalist thats goes by her own way. The military found something that appears to be a spaceship in canada, lois lane tell to us the  viewers how things happen in real life, if that craft had appear ln american soil not even journalist would have access to the site to investigate, but as it appear on canada reporters with high connection can be there to take pictures.

Lois acts more as a reporter from the alternative media , thats what alternative media researches do, they investigate and they they connect the dots in the exact way she connected the dots to find superman. The mainstreammedia just follow orders and they dont use critical thinking, their egos are so inflated that their main objective is just to keep their jobs and be happy of how people praises them.

A real journalist in service to others as lois is interested in the truth.

We can watch how the producers of this movie are interested in the partial disclosure scenario for humanity, cause in the conversation between clark and lois about disclosing aliens to humanity yhey give the excuse that its not the right moment for humanity to know all the truth, its like the military industrial complex has to respect a agreement make by the olders generations of the military industrial complex and this is represented by jonatan kent, clarks earth father. In reality we humans are ready for full disclosure, of course its gonna hurt at first, but its always better a bitter truth than a sweet lie. (

We can observe in the kryptonian ship that superman found all the techonolgy of this ets, the Id scan robot its excellent, it works by sound activation or dna, in this way the ets protect their ship and technology from being hijacked by intruders, for detailed information of how this technology works go to

In this movie ghey are disclosing us that they are massive ships buried below the ice in antartica for more information go to cosmicdisclosure the episodes with petepeterson and insider from the military industrial complex.

Pete peterson and exmilitary who worth in the secret space program told us that in antartica there are 3 massive ships that landed 50.000 years ago on earth and they where this giants who rule earth until there was a cataclicyms(noahs ark) that purge them. This giants are the socalled nephilim from the bible, they where excellent cloners and started interbreeding with females from earth.

In the next scene the director of the daily planets doesnt want to publish the story of the human et because they are in denial, we the people from earth dont want to change even when we see the evidence, we live in constant denial and thats why its so difficult for us to change as a collective.

Then superman finds out his real name Ka el, he upload his cosmic usb to the ship and talks to the conciousness of his galactic father Jo el.

This is a great example for all starskids, they have their earthly parents and they have their soul parents from where their original starsystem is, our cosmic parents are always guiding and supporting us by channeling or by insights.

In the movie they show us how the projection of Joel helps remember to Kael his real powers and how to expand into a greater conciousness, the same way we starkids from earth receive this guidance by our celestial guides or by our star family and we start growing our conciousness.
Joel teaches kael about how krypton was always consuming resources from different planets until finally they consume their owns planet resources, this imbalance happen when they took the transhumanist agenda of artificially growing the population, something was lost spiritually for them. This is a great example of the same paths that this elite A.i. Prophets want ton implement here on earth. (

Superman is the best from both worlds and this is and example of how starkids must behave they must integrate in balance the best of both of their worlds, the celestial and the earthly. Starkids are here on earth to be a for for good, to teach humans how to take the organic ascension path.

Joel teaches his son the real powers of his soul and he say a very wise phrase, that he just has. To keep testimg his limits.

This is what starkids should be doing on earth keep testimg their limits in uplifting their vibration (meditation) and growing their conciouness (doing cosmic research), forgiving others and forgiving thyself in the service to others path.

Lois lane reminds me of teresa yanaros from she uses the deductive methods to connect the dots.

Kael receives very wise teachings from both of his fathers, jonathan kent was very wise and loving human, he prefer to die tahn to expose his son in the world when he was not ready, this is a very important lesson, because jonatan teaches superman that he has to respect gods will and do not force things to happen before yhey are ready, like general zog who wants to force everything and that is why kryptonians died.

General zod finds Kael and  threatens the military industrial complex to give them superman. This general zod messages of "you are not alone"  to every tv on earth is really a soft disclosure where  they are preparing us , the audience of this movie  for disclosing us about ets, they are preparing our subconciousness for when they say it in main stream media it wont be that shocking to us. We can observe how this message of zod is very hypnotic and take us into a trance, watch it carefully and youll see.

The next scene is very beautiful we observe how clark kent its about to be reborn, at his 33 years, the same age as jesus, he is reborn as superman to be known as the famous earth and american way of life protector. Jesus as superman are starkids revealing to the world all their story and fullfilling their mission. We can observe ghe mandalas in church behind superman and the art of jesus behind superman in a very suggestive way, like a ceremony ritual superman is taking to go and save planet earth, the priest looks like jhon the baptist opening the way for superman to be in service of others.

In the scene when superman is as a kid he is reading a book of plato from ancient greek and he gets beaten by other kids, this is a problem we starkids face on earths as we are different cause we want to study ancient history when our starfamily was seeding humanitys conciousness through this godly myths, we are attack by being different from other kids who just hate you for wanting to research more of ourselves.

Superman as jesus only uses his force in service to others path.

Then superman surrenders to earth autorities and its deliver to zods ship.

Zod is a fan of darwins theory of evolution, that the strong are meant to rule the weak, this means a service to self path from sercice to self ets that have manipulated humanitys scientist for thousands of years.

Zod has no spiritual wysdom  he is force and technology, he does not respect gods will as jonathan and Jorel do.

Thats what we starkids do, we came here to earth to help humanity freem themselves from this manipulative ets agenda in service to self, superman is us, we all have different gift to share.
Lois lane saves superman in zods ship, then superman saves lois, this scene show us the balane between the masculine and femenine energy. When superman goes out of zods ship we obser how he does it kn the same way as jesus did on the crux. Superman puts his body in the same position as being crucified and now he start his mission of saving humanity and being crucified formit at the same time.

They say jesus real fight was with the annunakis the manipulative ets controling humanity.
When superman fights zod on earth it remembers us of many recorded and myths of et battles in the sky, this used to happen a lot until they sign the mohhamed accords. This accords is and agreement between many ets races who control earth resources to dont show themselves publicly on earth, they can just show themselves to some earth leaders and ghey can influence us by thought.

This is the WHY of why many unexplicable events are cover.

We observe how zod wants to terraform earth with his technology and this is very real, they are some negative ets that want to change the climat of earth so we humans die and they can come and colonized our planet.

Superman is willing to die to save humanity as jesus did, hes will to save humanity is stronger than zods machine.

His love for humans is stronger than his weakness generated by krypton atmospheric technologys.

When superman saves metropilis is a symbol of the mission of the starkids on earth.
The next scene superman takes out a drone of yhe military, this is a representation of how starkids dont like the goverment spying on the people.

Then superman decides to live as a normal person, he gest a job and a girlfriend and he respects the american way of life, not imposing his knowledge by force, giving time to humanity to wake up.

Superman is truly a magnificient human being, yhe example of a true heroe all over this galaxy.