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Movie leaks is a community where we can decode movies in a collective manner.

Movies represent our collective wisdom and myths, they have encoded the legends from the past, present and  future. They are magical in the way that they program our subconscious mind and predispose our collective awareness. Movies are the way for great magicians to stir the collective consciousness of human kind, that is why Hollywood is called that way (holly = magic, divine and wood = wood stick or wand...  Magic wand)  so the name Hollywood is a coded name for magic wand and the magicians are the producers, directors, screen writers, special effects guys and the actors. 


Movie leaks is created so we can Analise what's is being put into our unconscious, we can decoded  it in many ways... holistic, archetypal, artistically, esoterically, philosophically, alchemically, occult ,spiritual, for disclosure and in any way you consider it important to share with your brothers and sisters of this world so we can raise the awareness and vibration of our collective mind. believe it my friend we have a collective mind that sums all the minds from the humans of earth, as the same way our personal mind is the sum of our neuron cells... its time for us humans to start tapping into this great power in and organized and harmonious way for the better of the all. 


It is time to take our power back and it is a known insider secret that in movies they tell us way ahead what the elites are planning for humanity, so if we can understand the hidden messages in movies we can also in advance steer our collective awareness to the direction that is more convenient for us .... The people.


If you are a movie fan this is the place where you can learn and share your knowledge with other movie fans and with respect and education show your point of view in this living community for movie lovers. 


Welcome to movie leaks.

- JSkywalker

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