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My name is James Arthur Gomez Baquero a wanderer that was born in BarranquillaColombia

I am grateful to god and my parents because i had a beautiful childhood surrounded by blessings and love most of the time. My parents invested in giving me a great education and i could learn all my high school about philosophy, this teach me from a young age to think for myself and open me to give validation to my inner thoughts.


When I was finishing my MBA I read a book from Deepak Chopra called synchro destinies and this really opened my awareness to a whole totally different dimension of reality. I grew up thinking everything was predestined by God and I was just a lucky kid who couldn't change reality. Reading spiritual books lead me to remember my soul connection and spiritual synchronicities started to manifest, I mean I could create my own reality... I am the essence of the great I AM, we are god expressions of itself.

One of my key quantum leaps was dating a very special woman who had  great psychics abilities and our energy exchange helped me to develop my third eye. Also she gave me this book about the purple flame and the sacred fires.

I couldn't keep up with my regular life and I just couldn't finish my MBA and couldn't have a regular job, my world became finding my cosmic self. 


It was very difficult to live outside the system for so many years a lot of opposition from the persons you mostly love... close friends and family thinking you are simply crazy. 


At the same time my burning desire for knowledge and for growing spiritually keep me going forward. 


Today I have discover I am a Starseed from Sirius and Arcturus consciously aware of his mission on earth and my gifts. I am here on earth creating a balance in myself between light and love while accepting  my limitations, and at the same time being in service to others by encouraging others to look within themselves and awaken to their true potential. I am completely aware we, all the humans from this planet have a collective consciousness, a single mind. If we learn how to tap this collective power into our own advantage we will live in a completely harmonious, peaceful and powerful environment where there REALLY is not any limit for us. 


I have to give special thanks to many teachers or guides that help me remember who I AM.

I have to start with an English master called Adriann cooper (

He introduces me to the hermetic principle and that was a game changer for me... as above so below... as without.. so within... as the universe so is you! 


This are a list of some of the teachers I have taken therapy or learn from:


Rene Mey

Drunvalo Melchizedek

Toby Alexander

Deepak Chopra

David Wilcock

David Icke

Simon Parkes

Tony Marin

Michael Salla

Elena Danaan

Jay Analysis

Jordan b Peterson

Carl Jung

Joseph Campbell

Jordan Maxwell

Ra 6 density social memory complex


A special thanks to kevintrudeau for his books started my awakening through natural cures.  To all who have cross in my path and have made this experience real.... thank you... I love you.


I leave you in the love and light of the glorious ONE infinite creator. 



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