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Decoded by Jskywalker

this movie is very special because its one of the few movies that were made by the alliance that is defending the earth from the satanic cabal Illuminati syndicates.

david Wilcock in its program wisdom teachings in Gaia Tv explains this movie extensively in a whole episode. 

in the first scene, we observe captain America showing us the patriot archetype of the best values of being in the military. a person who wakes up early and do exercise a very healthy lifestyle. like many of the Christians in America are very self-center into high performance in sports in a competitive but at the same time healthy manner.  there is nothing wrong with using your free time for positive activity like outdoor sports. 

next enter into scene agent Romanov, in reality agent Romanov represents the Russian assassins from the KGB, Russia specializes in having great spys as they could not afford to have a big size army. the earth secret alliance has Russians spies gathering information to take down the financial system control of the cabal Illuminati syndicates. the name Romanov comes from the Russian zar last name Romanov that was killed by the communist revolution.

nowadays we understand that the communist revolution was fabricated and manipulated by elite European bankster to destroy Russia. that's why agent Natasha Romanov carries this coded name, they are really saying that the Russian alliance is backed by the Romanov legacy to destroy the satanic cabal elites and free the world. 

for more information on this go to show cosmic disclosure. 


in the next scene, we observe the false flag fabricated to incriminate nick fury and take him out of command.  fury send a team to take back control of the Lemurian star technology, we can observe the direct connection to the ancient Lemuria that was a civilization 50.000 years ago that existed on planet earth before the Atlantean civilization. for more information on the Lemurian civilization and real history of planet earth go to www.l& and the book law of one. 

in the battle for the control of the Lemurian satellite technology we observe the power struggle that happens in real life between different factions of power, the organization named shield represents the ONU or nato power structure, and within this organizations coexist many different other secret organizations… some in service to self and some in service to others. for more information between the difference of being in service to self and service to others go to www.l& 

Strike is a black ops army that is infiltrated by the shadow government of the Nazis. this nazis are a service to self-group that survive ww2 and became a parasite inside all the top world governments, especially the USA, we know for sure about project paperclip that brought all the German scientist after the war and this scientist merge with the American corporations and slowly took control of them in a precise and calculated manner. for detailed information about the Nazi infiltration of American society go to or


in the next scene captain America learns about compartmentalization, he hates this cause back in the old patriot days everything was known by all the team of the army as it should be, nowadays everything is secret in the name of national security and the satanic cabal has taken advantage of this to control the persons inside the organizations and control de narrative. they had abuse of the compartmentalization to grow into their evil plans of total control and slavery over the population. when we really understand how compartmentalization of the black projects work we can understand why it has been so easy for these elites to hide the truth for so long.  for more information on this go to


the technology we see in project insight is real, the corporations have flying stealth ships that can send thousands of laser beings at the same time into the medula of a person and fried it instantly. insiders of the secret space program as Pete Peterson have explained this in detailed. 

captain America is a true patriot that represents the spirit of the earth alliance, he understands that all the secrets and compartmentalization are based on fear. 

the military in the old days did bad things and took hard choices to protect the liberty of people. today this black ops programs want to engage all the people in the name of fear with this Lemurian star A.I satellite.

in the next scene, nick fury discovers he is not on top of the layer cake, somebody with high power inside shield wants him out.  he discovers the technocrats above him have others plan for project insight, to enslave humanity into a new world order. this is exactly how it has happened in real life. 

in the next scene, we observe how the elite council of shield is composed by many oligarchs from around the world and each represents a different faction of power with different goals, they are trick by Alexander pierce a Nazi spy to believe that nick fury had betrayed the shield organization.

what happen to nick fury its a clear example of the compartmentalization of programs, some people believe  they know it all, they are at the top of the pyramid of information and they later find out they are just being used as pawns for some more deeper layers, in real life this happens to a coronel named Sigmund, he was a colonel of the airforce of the united states. he kidnapped Corey goode in order to drug him and take tissue samples to find out if he was telling the truth. he finds out he has been lied by the deep state and the military-industrial complex. for more information on this story go to cosmic disclosure on Gaia tv.


in the next scene, we observe veterans talking about their battles, regrets guilt, our veterans really need more investment in their psychological states we need to support them more because they did horrible things in order to protect our freedom.

in the next scene captain America is feeling bad in this times, he does not recognize the world anymore and almost loses faith.

in the next scene, we observe nicks fury assassination attempt, it is done by assassins dressed as cops and protected by factions of the shield organization. the same modus operandi they use in here is the one they used against Kennedy and many other patriots who want to expose the hidden truth.

the car of Nick Fury has a A.I defense system and this is a clear example on why man is more important than a machine to take important decisions, the A.I wants to start firing back at the killers but nick fury delays the counter strick until the perfect timing for firing back. its a clear example of man over the machine in life and death situations. 


in the next scene enters the winter soldier, captains America best friend who was captured by the Nazis in ww2, in this movie the Nazis go by the name of Hydra. 

the winter soldier is a clear example of the super soldier program, the corporations and military black ops have experimented on mind control for many decades, they learn how to do this from the Nazis that came to America, their most famous program is called MK ultra, and they use this mind control techniques that include torture to transform people and make them do bad things.  people that are subject to this mind control torture become zombie likes.  they forget in many cases about their previous personality and become assets for this corporation's black ops plans. another layer of the mind control is the program of the super soldier, this program is top secret and they have found ways to create soldiers with enhanced abilities like super strong or super fast, great eyesight, smell, psychic vision, empathy and many more abilities. they explain that these super soldiers with superior strength normally have a short lifespan, they age faster and have a lot of downsides. corey goode is a whistleblower who was recruited into the MILAB programs when he was very young because of his natural empath abilities. when he was inside the programs they injected on him all kinds of chemical and procedures that enhanced his empath abilities. the secret space program then used him as a lie detector in front of extraterrestrials that the USA government was interacting with. captain America is a clear example of the super soldier program, this has happened in real life as many insiders have come out and told about it.

for detailed information on this go to 


in the next scene, after fury is killed, captain America talks to the Nazi elite pierce.

pierce tries to convince Captain America that nick fury is a traitor. this is exactly the way this satanic cabal operates, they do bad things and then present to the collective consciousness a false point of view in total service to self-agenda, the liar's path.

they want to destroy the old world order in order to create a world dictatorship disguise as socialism with high technology. they want to create a world of technological gods running high tech corporations and slaves. for detailed information go to or 

captain America did not like the speech of the elite Nazi and he immediately becomes a traitor to shield, this is exactly how this cabal Illuminati operate, they change the truth and using false claims combined with true statements destroy the lives of the honest people who want to expose their plans. 

in the next scene captain, America discovers and abandon military facility from ww2 where he discovers a secret underground base where they have this A.I technology that wants to take 0ver the world using technology to enslave the masses by a technological socialism.

captain America discovers that all the Patriots in the classified projects have been killed by the Nazis hydra.  the main order of the Nazis is that humanity cannot be trusted with their own freedom, therefore they have to create so much chaos in the world that humanity will be willing to surrender their freedom to his technological soulless bureaucratic corporations.

in this scene, dr sola explains exactly how in real life the Nazis became a parasite inside the most powerful governments of the world. wake up and smell the coffee folks, this is exactly as it occurs.

nazis became a parasite inside the C.I.A, nato, and the onu

nazis created a world so chaotic like the 911 attacks so people became so afraid that they were willing to give away their freedom in the name of security. the 911 attacks were created to steer our collective consciousness into a service to self-timeline. 


in the next scene, we observe captain America vs the winter soldier, in real life, this is a representation of the war inside the military industrial complex between service to others and service to self-factions, they both have super soldiers under their command.

in the next scene the Nazi elite kills their own operatives without delay if they tell their secret genocide plans to the Patriots, Captain America learns that this A.I software can predict the future. in real life, this is why the cabal has been very difficult to stop by the military patriots because with this technology they have scape many times when they are about to catch them. many patriots have died to try to stop these evil elites, that is why is very important that we honor our veterans and give them all the support they need because there is no greater hero than the one who sacrifices his life in order to defend the life of the people.

the 21st century is a digital book and the A.I software like facebook, amazon or google use the past to predict peoples future. 

vladimir Putin, president trump and many other leaders of the alliance survived many assassination attempts, exactly the same way as Captain America and black widow survive on this movie.

we can observe the difference between a strong normal human and a super soldier. black widow can be considered one of the strongest and lethal humans of the world, she can take out almost anybody, but when she faces the winter soldier she stands no chance, in real life that is how powerful a super soldier can be. 

the alliance has a plan to stop the Nazis, Captain America tells the truth to the government employees, the Nazis are for absolute control. captain America then says a great patriot quote… “the price for freedom is high and I am willing to pay it and I know I am not the only one”I think this is one of my favorite quotes from movies of all time. 

the battle inside the shield headquarters is a perfect example of how the shadow war is going on between the alliance and its many factions vs the Illuminati cabal and their many factions.  in reality it is a Mexican standoff.

all the technology we observe in this movie have been already developed by the military-industrial complex, the invisible, and the flying aircraft carriers.  for detailed information of this technologies go to David wilcocks program wisdom teachings. 

as we observe in the next scene where the black widow starts doing data dumps of hydra on the internet, it is exactly what the alliance has done. russia has release a lot of classified information and many whistleblowers have given their testimonies about this information.

anonymous was created by the Pentagon alliance to release information about the cabal and the shadow government.

now the official site for data dumps done by the alliance is done by a character named “Q” 

they release information bit by bit so that many people can digest it slowly and the main objective of this is to avoid panic in the collective consciousness.

the alliance is taking away control of the underground bases, the financial institutions and all the resources of the satanic cabal who are in total service to self.

in the next scene we discover nick fury is alive, as a lot of patriots or operatives of the cabal, they have to fake their own deaths in order to stop the assassinations attempt made by the deep state.  next, the elite Nazi alexander pierce tells nick fury the plans of the cabal for the mass genocide of 20 million people in order to enslave the rest of humanity.

in real life the plan of the cabal is to kill 90 percent of humanity and slaves the 10 percent that lives, they had been doing this slow genocide by poisoning our food, water, medicines and now the air we breathe. for detailed information on this check out on youtube agenda 21.

 the shadow battle between the ruling 13 bloodlines and the world alliance is happening right now in front of everyone who has the eyes to see.

after all the truth goes out into the collective consciousness a lot of secret organizations should disappear for the good of humanity. buki undergoes healing by the love of Captain America, love can heal anything with patience.

in real life, the Mayan extraterrestrials are recovering all the people that had been traumatized by this secret war and are helping them to heal so one day they can reintegrate themselves in society.




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