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Decoded by Jskywalker

This movie is a direct reflection of the political anarchy today, the elites want to destroy the system using the energy of resentfulness of the people, emotions that these same elites create in the people's heart by their abuses of power.
For more information on this topic go to
We cannot let this forces of chaos get out of control, for more information about archetypes that rule humanity go to Hollywood decoded or Joseph Campbell and the hero with the thousand faces book. 
In Batman 2 we can observe the joker is the apocalypse. All the heroes and villains of this saga are masters in human psychology, the Joker says to Batman we are the same, we get and understand how things really work, normal humans don't get it they are just pawns in a big
chessmate.  That's why we star kids and everybody who takes time to research must help our brothers and sister to awaken and observe beyond themselves, cause we are all a collective consciousness very powerful, but the elites who are satanic in nature had to steer our collective consciousness into ignorance and primitive behaviours, they know how to push and manipulate our emotional buttons. For more information on how to stir back our collective consciousness and use it in our benefit, for the benefit of all humanity on earth go to
The works of Fred Nietzche are played very well in this movie in one side is Batman and detective Gordon representing the Apolo religion... forces of order and logic, in the other side, is bain and misstate representing the forces of Dionysian religion the forces of chaos and instability. 
Misstate represents all these elite technocrats who want to destroy the system to impose on us a communism ruled by a few corporations and technology, where basic needs are met freely but at the same time, we lose our freedom. ( ) 
Batman uses the darkness to put fear in his adversaries 
Bane represents the brutal syndicalism marxism anarchy.
Batman represents the elites of the anarcho-capitalism. 
Batman and Bain are the same reflection of each other, the exact inversion of each other, they are divine flames. They are the same guy.
Alfred is the consciousness of Bruce Wayne, in the end, he has to fake his death as a lot of powerful or public people have had to do in history to get out of the game and have a normal peaceful life. 
Society is control by
arquetypes. Secrets societies control society by manipulating this archetypical forces, that is why we the people must learn about the human psychology and understand how we are being manipulated by this implants our elite leaders introduce in society. 
We can observe how
gotham becomes worst than it was before after this chaotic communism forces took control, it's the same we saw in Russia and Venezuela and all the countries who have adopted this chaotic model build-out of resentfulness towards the system. 
We have to transform the system but out of knowledge, love
and forgiveness. 
Catwoman is the everyday bandit who works for the elites but does not understand the bigger game.  A lot of small criminals have a big heart, and when they understand the bigger picture that they have been used by cabal forces they turn around and start doing the right things when humanity needs to be saved, that is why everybody who really wants to change their life deserves forgiveness and compassion.
To prevent the same mistakes of the French revolution where a lot of people was killed the white hats who are taking the control out of the canal elite hands have to play the same game as Commissioner Gordon when he presented 2 faces as the hero of town. Its a game that is played in society because the collective consciousness is so angry that the day they find out Jhon f Kennedy was killed by the same people that run the government, the so-called deep state, or that the Bush family was involved in the 911 attack, society will be so angry it will be on the brink of collapse, that is why we must do all this process hand to hand with forgiveness and compassion. 
These elites using their black op operatives fool the military and a lot of agencies that want to protect the people. 
We can see the face of these powerful elites in service to
self represented in misstate, 
They don't show their true face to the public, they talk beautifully, give donations, they act in front of people as if they where in service to others, they touch into the hearts of people when they talk to back up their agendas, to give them our
cocreative energy, but in reality they are in total service to self,,, some of these elites are the owner of google, facebook and Amazon, they want to create a world of corporations and slaves.  For more information on service to self, elites go to www.l& the book law of one. 

In the first part of this movie we see a Batman full of depression cause he lost his true love killed, he hides away from society, he hurts himself constantly with the remorse that it was his fault that she died. 

Cat woman steels bruce Wayne fingerprints and Mr dagger who hire her then betrays her, this is the same way elites always do so they are not traced back, they hire a lower level criminal to do their crimes and then they kill or threaten them to never say the truth.  In the service to self-entities happen betrayal all the time, the stronger betrays the weak, the weak betrays the stronger to take its place, and there is zero tolerance for mistakes.  Its an all-time high-stress defensive style of life. 
Batman and Commissioner Gordon don't have a private life, they are very sad because of society's downfall they both lose the woman's they love. They hate the masks and the status quo of their leaders, they are in total service to others path,  for them, others are more important than their personal life, they are true heroes. 
Bruce Wayne has all the toys and gadgets from the military-industrial complex, he does not release the free energy nuclear tech to society because he thinks people are too corrupt and they will use it in a bad way, as it happens to Einstein, that he discovers nuclear technology but the cabal elites use it to create the nuclear bombs. 

In the scene of the party with mask we can observe how the elite world works,  they represent people like the pope, Hillary clinton, Obama, Jeff Bezos and many more that use mask, they hide themselves by saying they want to save earth but in reality they are fueling this Marxist anarchism to control society as ruling gods. 
That's how they see themselves, descendants of extraterrestrials who rule earth before the water flood. For more information on extraterrestrial lineages on earth go to the show cosmic disclosure. 
In the party Catwoman tells Batman how society is so resentful of the rich, this shows exactly what is happening today, the elite satanist who have taken advantage of the less fortunate people have created so much angriness towards all the privilege people  and this satanist are using this
resentfullness of the majority to destroy the whole system and make humans kill themselves.  They have all the technology and underground bases to survive a nuclear war. 
What the earth alliance, the white hats, and we star kids want to do is the opposite, we want to transform the system out of love and compassion, for more information on how to create a positive transformation go to
Cat woman is Antifa, is all the innocent but strong people who have been abused by the corrupt leaders, are all the angry people that are looking for revenge. 
They want to destroy the system cause they want a fresh start as Catwoman. 
Thank god we have the Cristian military of the USA and an alliance from all over the world who want to restore balance and give some power back again to the people, they are pushing for the partial disclosure. 
To understand the difference between partial and full disclosure go to cosmic disclosure in Gaia tv. 

The elite satanist cabal has accumulated so many resources that they don't need money anymore.  When bane hits the stock market is a symbol of how they want to take away the money of the positive elites or the so-called white hats. 
The scene of the nuclear reactors shows how these elites have highly technological secret underground bases everywhere, hidden from the people.
We as humans need to take control of all these bases and put them to work in the service to others path. 
Bane uses Mr. Daggett to take control of the city and then he kills him, that is how the service to self-path works, the order of the strongest over the rest. 
In the next scene, Batman falls into a trap, Bane beats him and its a way of how capitalism needs to learn some humility, the powerful have abused and they need to repent and really put capitalism in the service to others path. 
They want to destroy the military and the good cops in order to take control of society, that is why they are pushing so hard for a ww3. 
In the scene where the cops are trapped in the darkness in the sewers, we can observe a great representation of their evil agenda. 
In the scene of the football stadium, we can observe clearly how they want to destroy the American dream, the children singing shows how they want to destroy the pure innocence of the American Christian people,  and create an open rule by negative entities using communism.

In the next scene, we see how bane uses explosives all over the city to threaten people and the government,  this is a representation of how in real life the satanic elites have explosives all over the major infrastructure of North America as they did in the 911 attacks. They threaten to poison the waters or destroy main bridges. They do these in order to have leverage when they are caught or prosecuted by some brave and different leader as trump. 
The chorus boy at the stadium is from England as to destroy the England western heritage innocent from the Americans, the Protestant Christians who came to America to create a new country out of kings and aristocracy ruling.
The cabal satanist elite is really after the Protestant Christians, all these wars they have created in the middle east and everywhere is to destroy the body of Christ.  The cabal hates them because they are strong and they are good and they are aware of how these elites are soldiers of the evil itself. 
As every communist leader when bane takes control of the city he promises to give the power back again to the people but is a lie, bane is really in control of the city, chaos and criminality ramp up the same as every communist society. 
Banes history as every communist leader is based on a resentful childhood full of pain and suffering, these communist leaders are used by the satanic elite as misstate, also full of pain and bitterness. 
In the scene when Batman gets out of the ancient jail, he is reborn exactly as in the heroes journey of Joseph Campbell. He conquers himself because he regains the love of life again, he wants to live to save his city, he is reborn from the underworld, now he is a new man because she comes back to the world but he still has one foot in the afterlife. 
We observe the communist style trials where things are more corrupt than ever before.  Commissioner Gordon is a true leader and hero, he sacrifices his personal life to save the city in service to others. 

When Batman comes back to Gotham and it's about to kill bane he discovers that misstate is a traitor, she was the leader of the communist revolution all along, that's how this satanic elite operate they are the great spy. 
Communist leaders talk in the name of the people, but it's not true its just the resentful leaders who take revenge. 
Batman uses luscious fox that represents the military industrial complex who is at this moment in an internal civil war cause they don't want to keep taking the road of the satanic elite.
When Batman starts the batman signal with fire he replenishes the confidence of all the warriors who want to save the city. 
We can see clearly in the relationship between Miranda Tate and bane how the elites created and have always protected in the shadows this communist leader.

Batman saves the city and decides to start a new life away from everything, 
The flying drone that we see in Batman is technology that is already available for humanity to be released in service to others.




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